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Upma- The ultimatum!

Each and every person in this world does enjoy having good food, right? I mean even me… Considering all the need of our gastrosexuals in the planet, I was pleasently surprisd to hear that a traditional indian dish was the deciding food in the latest season of Top Chef Masters…

Th chef in question, had prepared this so-very-simple dish and ultimately went on to win the competition…Also, Padma Lakshmi being on the panel, this definitely made my day.. but also really surprising considering the miniscule popularity the same dish enjoys here in India. Well, let me give you an idea…

Uppumaavu (colloquially known as “Upma”) is a dish that was earlier considered to be a quick-fix dish when the ladies out of the house run out of ideas on the menu for the day… Dreaded by children and working-men, scoffed at by people the now-infamous Upma has enjoyed a declining popularity amongst the people here. The dish is only the last resort if we don’t have anything left to make that leaves at the bottom of the “most-preferred” dishes…

However, now with this news that a dish that was being scoffed literally felt like me being slapped by it for mocking and dismissing the dish as one that was meant for oldies and the sickly!!! 😉

The humble upma has now gone up several notches in the popularity ratings that I now have mastered the art of even cooking the dish(the things we have to do to maintain our status.. Sheesh!)

But nevertheless I’m equaly ecstatic that a dish that is a part of my city’s cuisine charmed the likes of the western world, at a time when we tend to gorge on pasta’s and pizza’s.. Well, let me go and make some more..

Upma- From being scoffed to the scrumptious!

For all of you who want to know more about the dish in question, wiki’s helps you out:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Upma

Enjoy the meal.. Bon appetit! 🙂


The Oscar season is approaching and yes, Inception has also been nominated in some categories(I Guess!)

Anyways, although people raved and ranted and “Liked” the FB page on Inception, I for one had to give it a miss. I didn’t see it and felt I rather wait for it to come on Tv. (Lazy Me 😉 )

However I did hear that it had to do something about Dreams et al. And it did get me thinking about the perception and the concept and secret behind “Dreams”.

Yeah, Yeah we all do dream about earning a million dollars without moving your butt or becoming filthy rich and famous or rather get married to that favourite actor/actress, count me in as well; because even I do get such dreams.

But what about those dreams that are completely wacky or quirky! You know, something completely different from your usual dreams or nightmares! Something not like “Inception” rather a completely different perspective!

It’s funny how the human brain works and the level of imagination that we possess.It sometimes bewilders me as some people do try to implement their crazy dreams into reality.

But what goes back into these dreams coming to that specific person or that specific dream coming to a group of people? How would it be if we could analyse our dreams in a more rather non-sensical way?

I am not considering the psychologists as in my opinion they themselves are rather in a forlorn state, rather refusing to recover! How about we have people just to designate our dreams and kind of give a visual perception to it like drawing!

And I just happen to find the right people who may just be the one- kids! Thats right, you heard me! Kids have such wild imaginations that sometimes envies me! No worries, no tensions, they are in their own dreamland; while we adults fret and fume over responsibilities(which include taking care of kids 😉 ) day in and day out!

How would it be we could behave like kids once in a while! I don’t see why not!

To get in touch with your inner child on certain occasions can actually be good for some situations! I also do remember that as a child I used to watch Scooby Doo, Tom & Jerry and all those yesteryear Hannah Barbara Cartoons.

Image Courtesy: Zazzle.com

They were such classics, that cartoons of today don’t have! I miss those animated characters a lot because of their finely crafted figures and musical voices and just the innocence behind those characters just make them so memorable!

Cartoons nowadays just breed violence and the essence behind inculcating certain things is given amiss completely. However, its good that those yesteryear cartoons do come on DVD’s or are found on the net across several tube-sharing sites.

As I come to an end, I am definitely going to connect with my inner child on more occasions that deem to be fit and just “dream on” and working towards achieving them, even the most non-sensical ones 😉 !!!

As always, I found out that it is a common notion amongst many of us to review the year that passed by. The year 2010 is soon coming to an end and 2011 is all set to be born this weekend. Thus, I too decided to bring out a sort of review of some the major happenings and situations that took place across the world this year.

Wikileaks: Confidential No More!!!

The latest news that is emanating from the United Kingdom is that Julian Assange is being a whopping GBP 1 million for his personal memoir. The smart man that he is, he is using this payment to substantiate his legal costs that he incurred while he got out on bail for a criminal charge. Wikileaks has taken the world by storm this year and will in all probabilities continue to do so. The whistle-blower website is on the lips of millions of citizens and “netizens” across the world so much that Assange has his group of loyal followers( I wouldn’t want to include myself, but I guess he is smart and doing something to clean the political system, in a way)!!! Wikileaks has become a source of an impending headache for almost all the countries across the world as it reveals “confidential” secrets to the view of the public. It totally shocks me that countries can be so cheap behaving like “catty actresses” bitching about others and manipulating people. However, I do have to admit that some secrets are definitely too sensitive to be revealed and the consequences, if the info falls into the wrong hands, can be devastating. Nevertheless, the “joy ride” of Wikileaks is all set to continue next year as well… Keep watching this space…

BP Oil Leak- When will we ever learn???

The year also saw one of the most horrible environmental disasters of all time. An underground pipeline carrying crude oil burst open in the Gulf of Mexico thus leading to major oil spill, one of the worst ever recorded in history. Rapid industrialization will definitely lead to some sort of abuse to the environment. It is completely unavoidable, however it can be reduced to a massive extent. Eco-groups around the world protested and were angered by this “accident” that saw a huge amount of money being spent on repairing the pipeline. Several species of birds, animal-both marine and terrain were affected by this. It still remains to be seen as to when do we get a solid solution from scientists to avert such incidents from taking place in the future.

Sports 2010

2010 was also the year of many famous and rather “infamous” sporting activities taking place around the globe. We saw the exciting and rather nail-biting finish to the FIFA Football World Cup 2010 held at South Africa with Spain winning the cup. (WAKA WAKA!!!) Although there were some controversies involved in it with regards to using the 3rd referee technology, South Africa managed to pull it off!!! We also had the sporting events being held at the 2 rising super-powers in Asia, India and China. The Commonwealth Games 2010 at Delhi and the Asiad 2010 at Guangzhou were held with much fanfare and excitement. Albeit the infamous corruption charges that put the CWG on the anvil, the Games finally did manage to take place without any tension. And I was also happy that India did very well compared to the past at these 2 games. Jai Ho!!!

2010 at the Movies

I’m not sure if I am the “apt” person to talk about this part. This is because I hardly step into a cinema hall/theater to watch a movie. My lazy butt always stays at home with the notion that “Anyways this movie is gonna come on Tv sometime, I’ll watch it then!”

But nevertheless I did manage to catch few of them. Although I have read all the books in the Harry Potter Series, the last movie I managed to watch was the Order of the Phoenix! I did watch Salt ( Since am a fan of Angie Jolie, WoW! She is the action babe!) but it did disappoint me. There was the action but the story just went haywire! Maybe Angie is waiting for a script of mine 😉 ! I also did manage to watch “The Social Network”. As described in some few posts back, ugh, I hate these tech movies!!! However, the emotional part of the movie did get me thinking! Rounding off with the massive blockbuster of the year INCEPTION. I heard that it was an awesome movie from every Tom,Dick & Harry and that I should definitely watch it, but alas I’ll wait till it comes on Tv. Anyways Alice in Wonderland that released this year, is being telecast on Tv next week, so how much time can Inception take right???

The year 2010 has been an eventful year of sorts for the world. We are also coming down to finish a decade and 2011 will mark the beginning of a new year, a new decade, a new Beginning! However, do keep your eyes peeled for how 2010 was for me as a person/individual and what are my plans for 2011! You too can share your experiences of 2010 and goals for 2011, would like to hear them!

Until next time, Happy Blogging…

PS: Oh, and the images used in this post were created by me, so I don’t need to credit anyone and don’t have to worry about any copywright issues 😉 !!!

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