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CAUTION! Fragile Content Inside

Caution! Fragile Content Inside!!! Image Courtesy: Photographersdirect.com

Hello my dear bloggers, I do not know how to admit my mistake that I wasn’t able to post anything at all for the past couple of weeks as I was a bit busy in clearing up some things, but Hey! I also did some pensive work about my next blog topic…

And a recent conversation with a good friend of mind helped me in cementing my topic for today’s blog topic. I’ve seriously been itching to write on this topic and I finally got a heaven-sent green signal in the form of my friend.

As we all know human beings, in my opinion, are the most complex of living beings to comprehend and I have to disagree with those people who have the knack of saying that they can judge a person in the first five minutes.


Are you kidding? I beg to differ with such cynics and have to add that it takes an entire lifetime to understand your fellow mates  and one cannot do it in the first five minutes or five months!!!

How many of us would’ve cribbed about a specific person whose “original character” comes to life only after they betray your trust?

I’m sure over half a million people around the world will definitely raise their hands, including me!!!

Emotions, in my opinion are very fragile and volatile by nature, and if you the handyman drops the package then you’re in for some serious trouble buddy!!!

However lets analyse this from a different perspective, the brain and heart are the two most vital and projected organs for a human beings’ survival. Yet they both bear so much brunt that they eventually have to break down at some point of time!

And this happens quite often to us. People react in helluva different number of ways which we cannot gauge. Yet we believe that, oh ok they seem to be really nice don’t they? Yeah, right!!!

The fragile nature of our heart does tend to give us a lot of pain that sometimes tend to be irreparable. There are some who pour their hearts out and there are some who forgive and forget and there are MANY who would like to take revenge (But that’s a different topic! 😉 )

Yet we al have learnt to move on ultimately and that’s what counts!

Although it is a highly impossible task for us to constantly keep cushioning our heart with many layers, mistakes do happen. After all humans do err!!!

Nevertheless, we need to pick the stones up and start our journey again and again and again despite the many life-threatening hurdles that we may meet.

But in a another perspective we crib however we also fail to understand that the other person who we may think bad about also has a heart that is equally fragile as ours.

However good or bad they may be, it is our duty as an individual to not break their emotions in any way.

So fellow bloggers do keep your heart and others’ hearts comfy as well… Until next time, Best Wishes from Addy 🙂


Long Overdue

Hello my fellow bloggers, as the title does suggest, I completely understand that it has definitely been quite “long overdue” since I posted anything on my blog. But never fear, cuz am here!!!!! ( God! Do I get a kick out of saying something cartoony 😉 )

Well, last couple of weeks have me kinda philosophical by nature. You know I had to use my cranium quite a lot (not that I disapprove of!), started feeling anxious and nervous.

There are so many things that you anxiously wait or expect to happen but sometimes it doesn’t and in my case quite a lot, but me who doesn’t give up that easily, pursued my DREAMS and GOALS with “grit” and “determination” if I may add, finally managed to get some things done that I always wanted.

However the process was a rather long and arduous one. It definitely isn’t that easy to pursue something that didn’t happen once but you nevertheless made it happen the second time round. So for that I give myself a pat on the back!!!

Long Overdue

The process literally and I mean seriously tests your patience and self-confidence! For me it took a year, and I just cannot simply sit and watch the time tick by, right? So I decided to dabble in few other things while still giving it all I got!

In the end it did finally happen along with a host of other things. I went on a vacation that was long overdue, and it was just amazing to just while away time doing nothing but enjoy the world!!!

You also get to know of a good omen when things finally start to fall in place. You know, the domino effect, when one initial action falls in place, it triggers other consequent actions to finish in the affirmative thereby finishing the most intricately crafted puzzle.

Although I questioned my decision, lost confidence, lost patience, threw tantrums, spent lost of time solitude, but when the thing that I wanted took place, I felt “It was definitely worth the effort and time!”

So I just want to add that it definitely is easy to give up and later regret about it, but it never is easy to not give up and still pursue your aims!

“Patience” and “Determination” does pay off at times.. although quite delayed 😉 !

PS: On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, I would to extend my heartfelt warmth, gratitude and love to all my fellow bloggers, subscribers and followers who have been supportive of my blog! And a final big hug to my BLOG, without which I wouldn’t have survived my long and arduous wait for things to happen 🙂

Best Wishes everybody…

“The Brain and the Heart are two most valuable resources God has bestowed upon us; they can either hold you as a Hostage or Vice versa”

The above not-so-famous quote was written by a very wise and intelligent human being probably the only person to possess the same IQ as Albert Einstein namely ME! *Applause* Thank you, Thank you!!!

Well, enough of self-praise and bravado and lets jump into what I truly wanted to say and let you all experience through my blog post today. Don’t you all agree on the above quote that I said! I’m pretty sure we might have come across so many of such incidents that prove my quote.

Holding yourself Hostage

In my observations there are 3 classes of people whom I witnessed that actually made me crumple my cranium and chalk out the saying!

(1) Cranium Crumplers: Well, you might have guessed it for sure. These are those people who pay more attention to their brain or rather they weigh more on basis of their thoughts about anything. Going by logic and rationality, they take a “mental decision”. For example: If a blind man asks you to help him cross the street, usually these kind of people first check whether the guy is blind for real or not, before actually helping!

These people go all the way to see to it that they implement the decision taken or rather they tend to be intellectually snobbish to an extent. These people, in conclusion, are held hostage by their gray matter!

(2) Heart warmers: If the same blind man asks for help from a person of this genre, they go all out the way to help the guy, irrespective if the guy is blind or not!!! People in this category kind of have an emotional side of looking at things or situations. They listen to their heart and bring more “care” into their decisions. However they are “sweet softies” and I am not saying this to criticize them! People falling under this category are held hostage by the heart!

(3) And the third category to which I truly believe I belong is the “Rubix Cube”: You all do know that the Rubix cube is by far the most complex toys to crack, but with a little luck and quick thinking, you eventually do crack it!

I usually base my decision on both logic and emotion. I usually step in the other persons shoes and then based on the fats take a decision accordingly. People under this class can be viewed in 2 ways:

Either they are the most pitiable as they get to be held hostage by both the brain and the heart or are the most enviable as the hold their brain and heart as hostage!

However it’s not at all easy doing this and ultimately the decisions people take fall into the first 2 categories. It has always been a ever-debatable question as to which “voice” should we follow when we take a decision – the call of the cranium or the whisper of the heart.

Again there exist some differences between people who choose to follow either one and one only. The intellects tend to remain aloof from the “society” as a whole and are bound to face “ostracization” from their fellow-beings as being too harsh on others. And for the other class, they are actually looked down upon as being far too emotional that eventually run wild and engulf the person into a mound of sorrow or misery!!!

And we human beings are in a dilemma as we cannot ignore one as both are within us and both are ultimately essentially for our survival!

Yet the post is not about which is the best person to listen to or those class of people who see success more based on their decisions! The blog post is all about encouraging to just follow your decisions be it based on logic or emotion. Ultimately its you who has to face the consequences – be it good or bad – thus just go with the flow.

However at the end, I would just say just step into the other person’s shoes and take a decision with the facts and info at hand thereby giving importance – to not only your brain or heart – but also the other people involved in your decision.

I would also like to hear your comments on how you base your decisions, or any other feedback about the post!

Until next time, Happy Blogging

Old Dog, New Tricks? Why Not!!!

Technology is an entity that constantly innovates and evolves by itself – leaving me less amazed and more irritated or bewildered!!!

As you all may be knowing, I was and am a student of business administration and so let me begin today’s post by explaining to you a concept that I learnt. In Marketing, we have a section called Consumer behaviour – as you all may know companies constantly are trying to “learn our minds” ( Yes, I know it resembles a devious scientist Mr.X who is looking to take over us consumers and make us slaves by buying only one company’s products! OMG, the pain in imagining if there is only one company that exists in the world! Nooooo!!!!)

Anyways, as I was saying companies look to understand our needs, tastes and preferences and churn out products accordingly! They have actually categorized us consumers that ranges from “early adopters” to “late bloomers”!

Coupled with the above lesson, I also came across an article that relates old people with technology!

The article had mentioned that old people find it difficult to “understand” technology at present and so were struggling to keep touch with their high-flying and tech-savvy children. Yet there were some rather spurts of positive incidents where old people find solace in technology and adapted as a fish to the pond!

As I kept pondering over these facts, a rather old, clichéd and philosophical quote came into view – “You can’t teach an old dog, new tricks!”

It's never too late!!!

However, I’d rather question it by asking Why Not??? Why can’t you teach an old dog new tricks? I mean how do you know if the dog doesn’t want to learn? It may be willing to learn at any cost for that matter you know!!!

And I am not restricting myself only to the subject of technology – because as human beings in a “communal society” we are interdependent upon each other for survival!

So it doesn’t necessarily mean that we overlook the matter, rather we look at it from a different perspective!

Each one takes time to adapt or adopt to a certain situation, although it may take time we eventually and finally change.

So it doesn’t really matter if we feel we are too old to learn anything, rather ask yourself by saying why not now that you’ve realized this void in your life??? If you feel embarrassed, no problem ask your family or friends for help and support, I’m sure they’ll help you in every way possible!

So it doesn’t matter if your 18 and don’t know how to swim or 60 and don’t know how to use FB/Skype, all that really matters if you realize the “need” and display the “urge”…

What do you say, guys? What do you think that, you feel that you need to know/learn in spite of believing the fact that “it’s not your cup of tea”???


As you all may know, I’ve started a sort of “SERIES” on my blog recently, last week to be exact! The series aptly titled “How much is too much?” will cover various topics from different dimensions.

In my last post you would have seen that it was covering about the innate human nature of GREED! So for today, let us move on to a material aspect that stems from Greed- MONEY!

Money has now , in my opinion, has been tagged as a basic need for homo-sapiens apart from food,clothing and shelter! Nowadays, people are weighed simply with the amount of money that they have in their bank accounts!

Being filthy rich” is the motto for the denizens of this planet especially in this generation/century, which am pretty sure will continue into the future as well.

As people’s wallets grow fatter, their brains work much slower! Facts that leave me quite puzzled include how people can spend on some “mindless ventures”,”crazy inventions”,etc.. Yes, I too may have indulged in somethings like these in the past but not blowing so much money on probable “useless or trivial” things! Personally, when I spend some amount of money way beyond from what I had originally planned to, I automatically start feeling guilty and start to question myself!

If there are one sect of people like me, then there are other sects of people who live their life and spend money aimlessly, just without any care! Others are like misers, who would rather not spend anything at all and keep it safely locked in their vaults!

Everything needs a limit. Everyone needs to know their limits. Even when it comes to earning, spending or even saving money!

When we humans start to see more “Green” then we automatically elevate ourselves to the levels of Bill Gates or Barack Obama! As they say, “Money Blinds Us”! We look down upon people who don’t possess the quantity of dollars or pounds or euros or rupees compared to us! Arrogance nd Attitude set in and we disassociate ourselves from them and associate us with “royalty”. We start to demand respect, recognition,etc.. although we do indeed get it, eventually we start to crumble and this leads to more devastating results!

Once the cash flows out, we become so desperate to get money that we resort to innumerable means-by hook or by crook! The lure of money leads us to commit illegal crimes!

Corruption is an evil menace that has been plaguing the society for decades together! It’s no point we blame Tom,Dick or Harry for this to grow, it was ultimately us who allowed it to grow! With our patience levels dwindling by the day, we bribe people to get work done, only to forget that, the person was being paid for doing that work by someone else!

In terms of spending money, we spend on rather bizarre articles, that kinda puzzles me with the question as to whether does the individual actually finds it useful and can say that he’s spent his money’s worth in buying it! Wouldn’t it be more better and in fact more satisfying if you adorn the walls of your house with the paintings/drawings/sketches of underprivileged kids rather than some Picasso or Michelangelo or etc..

Even when we save money to a level that it may burst from our vault, we don’t realize that after our life, we don’t have “access” to all that we’ve earned! We just don’t get anything!

People just need to realize this, “count your blessings, not your bank balance”!

Blinded by Money-How much is too much? "Count your blessings, not your bank balance!"

Concluding, I would like to say, ask your self this one question when you either earn/save/spend an amount- “How much is too much?”

Until next time, Happy Blogging…

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