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Hello my fellow bloggers and readers, I do hope you’re doing well and I apologize for my absence for the past week. However, as I sat down on pc to surf )or rather waste 😉 ) another few hours aimlessly, I stumbled upon an article that talked about the human body language.

Curious to know more, I started to read it and found out that you cannot trust a person who scratches his/her nose, as they are bound to be lying! Hmm, now how do you say so? Well according to the article, it the person has the urge to cover up the truth, it would be to obvious if we tell it on the face, thus they resort to scratching their nose as a camouflage!!!

Now, I was wondering what would the person be saying if he digs his nose? Hmm… I don’t think I want to know as yet!!!

Nevertheless, I did find out that people are now becoming judged and judgemental these days. We always take note of what people think of ourselves- the way we look, talk, walk, behave, etc… and we too judge other people on various categories…

Apart from the way you dress and speak, the process of judging a persons intellect is through his online presence.

What we write, blog, scrap, tweet, post, etc have all come under the scanner and this is most prominent in the case of a prospective employment.

Employers nowadays look at the candidates’ online and virtual presence. Their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blog, Discussion Forums, etc.. are all being examined to see if the person whom you wish to recruit is trustworthy and loyal enough.

There have been many cases of public spats that have taken an ugly twist because of the wrong things said or rather “written” online!

It has now come to a point where the Internet is now a solid proof of evidence in legal impediments. Since we are now actually “published” ( God, I hope that soon happens in Paperback or Hardbound as well 😉 !), the things we write or speak can now be officially taken as evidence of our wrongdoing, if any.

Thus, it has become a valid point that we need to exercise caution while we are on the wire. However critics ( and by this I mean, my ever-thinking brain 🙂 ) argue that it now has hampered the freedom of speech.

With the invention of the internet, there was a great hullaballoo over the increase in the freedom of speech amongst the common man. But over the years, with the spate of developments, I personally feel that it has hampered our growth and now is questioning even our basic right of expression.

Concluding, each has his/her own view-point with regards to this issue. The Internet is by far the strongest tool to bring about social change ( proven in the Case of the Egypt Uprising) but What do you feel?


Happy New Year 2011

Well folks, it’s that time of the year again wherein we step into an altogether new beginning with regards to time! As the year 2010 comes to an end, we have a 2011 that’s all set to be born! So here’s wishing my readers, followers and SUBSCRIBERS(they get special mention because after all they put up with my rants!!!) a very Happy, Prosperous and Successful New Year 2011!

I did happen to come across a rather interesting article in the papers with regards to the key ways in making resolutions actually work. So here are some of the excerpts:

# It’s all about picking the right resolution. Rather than saying “I’m gonna lose 10 Kgs” you can word it as “I’ll not waste money on any unused gym memberships”!

# It pays to be deliberately vague while wording your resolution. In other words give yourselves some room to wriggle out in certain situations!

For example: “I will wake up at 7:00 Am everyday” – NOT GOOD!

“I will wake up earlier in the mornings”- MUCH BETTER! Because 8:29Am is earlier than 8:30Am, and you did keep your resolution! 😉

# If you must make some rather “impossible” and “heartbreaking” resolutions, keep them to yourself! If you break a resolution in the first place  that ultimately no one knew about, was it ever really broken???

# If you still feel that you need to keep up your dignity without getting caught, ask for the help of your friends and family or better yet just follow the next tip!

# Make a resolution that’s mutual! Don’t get it? “Will take the dog out for a walk everyday”, so its mutual you and your pooch get involved! The advantages are actually many: You can boast to everyone that you have a heart of selflessness and made of pure gold; and you can always blame it on the dog/others if the resolution failed to kick off!!!

In my previous post, I would have mentioned that I would blog about my personal experiences in 2010 and goals for 2011. On a personal note, 2010 has been a year that has been beneficial for me in many different ways and of course I did have some sour experiences, but nevertheless I did enjoy it!

So here goes my top 5 experiences in 2010, in reverse order:

(5) Being a hater of social networking sites, I had no option but to open accounts in Facebook(You can find me on Fb as Adithya B Kumar and my profile pic is the same as my blog gravatar!) and “voluntarily” open an account in LinkedIn. I did hate it at first but actually have slowly started to get used to it now. But however I do check into my Facebook account rarely!

(4) Well, I did a valuable lesson to not sign on the dotted line without reading the fine print! So everyone keep your eyes peeled for the fine print! And I also learnt to never trust anyone again. Although I fairly keep up with this, I sometimes falter with a specific sect of the zodiac, especially those born from Jan mid to Feb mid!

(3) I have gained valuable work experience in terms of a couple of internships that helped in finding out my strong and weak areas and actually helped me narrow down by interests quite a bit.

(2) I graduated with honors in my Bachelor degree in Business Administration. Definitely all the hard work pays!!!

(1) Of course it has to be this!!! MY BLOG! I never dreamt of starting a blog, so thanks to WordPress and all my readers who supported me till now with awesome comments! Please do continue to give me your support as always! Thanks…

So I don’t actually make resolutions but I guess I can make some exceptions because rather than saying them as resolutions I would term them as “GOALS”! Some of my goals for 2011 include getting at least one of my works published, keeping my fingers crossed for some ambitious plans with regards to further studies, and vowing to blog at least 3 posts per week and make my blog as lively and entertaining as possible.

So once again I wish everyone a very Happy New Year 2011 and see you all again next year!

Until next time, Happy Blogging…

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