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I’m Back…

Hello my dear bloggers, I’m pretty much sure that many of you might get the thought of “me being back from the dead”, but I did not have much of a choice but to take a long break as I had a lot of things to settle on the personal front.

Well, I am not sure if my followers(present if any!) are still there but nevertheless I have decided to continue after quite a long time hoping to receive support from your side as well.

I am slowly getting back into the groove and you can expect some more posts from my end as regularly as possible!!!

I will also be snooping around my regular blogs that I follow and catch with them soon enough. I am not going to rant on but will do so soon, probably the weekend…

So please do keep showing your support as you can expect some changes in terms of environment from my end as I am gearing for a shift which I will let you eventually, thus until next, best wishes to everybody… 🙂


Well I guess I’m probably the first and the fastest person to break a resolution in Blogosphere! If you all had remembered, I post sometime back that I would post at least 3 posts a week, but lazy me I manage to get only one post a week!

Well we do have our personal commitments plaguing us on a daily basis, that it just makes me very difficult to find a time to sit in front of the Personal Computer and start a post. Another everlasting question that I have in my mind is about what to blog today!

I don’t want to be another one of those people who clog your “ever-growing” inbox space with my rants and so I see it positively that I do send you just one post a week, so you guys can rejoice!!!

Nevertheless one unending problem that I face, although am not sure if anyone else faces it, is with regards to categories and tags!? I find it extremely tough to add categories and tags to each blog post that I write and eventually publish. Although WordPress has several options to convert and interchange them both, I still am yet to solve this puzzle ( Kinda resembles the National Treasure movie series, right?)

And especially with people like who us who are yet to get “Freshly Pressed” but aspire to be so soon, it frustrates us as we are still not aware as to how do we tag our blog posts so that not just people from WordPress but people from all across Blogosphere do pay our blogs a visit.

Adding woes apart from the above is when people you “follow” don’t bother to follow you back. I did read somewhere that “Blogging should be mutual”, yet the whole essence of “being mutual” goes for a toss when we don’t hear back from other people whose blogs you follow, comment and like their posts.

It does pain to see such people present here, and such kind of people don’t bother to visit your blog even if you do follow theirs diligently and I mean with subscription!

Another misery that start-up bloggers face is when you comment on a Freshly Pressed blog post! They sound rather obnoxious and don’t simply bother to reply back.

Freshly Pressed or An Utter Mess?

Although I do agree that they might be overwhelmed a bit with a huge inflow of comments et al, but for how many days will they be receiving them- one or two days at the most- after that they can definitely pay a return visit back to the blogs of the commentators as a courtesy.

After all they should realize that other bloggers don’t have any need to come to their blog and post a comment!

Another reason of concern for “start-up bloggers” is of Statistics! At the beginning, I was seemingly bothered by this! I would be bogged with concern about how many people visited and commented about my posts!

However now, I just don’t bother! It’s completely their wish now! If they do want to follow mine and post a comment, they are always welcome 🙂 I have crossed a 1000 hits since August 29th when I began my blog, and that seems more than enough for me! I don’t mind if only 1 person who reads my blog, I feel positive that I need to blog for that 1 person at least!!!

Yet another final cause for worry is the will to write! There are times when not just me but even others feel about the spirit of blogging!

“When no one bothers to pay us visit, they why do we bother to even write a blog!”

Just trash that attitude and remember that your blog is yours and it doesn’t matter if no one visits it! Think of it as a virtual diary ( That’s what I do!) and am sure someday in the future you will recollect back golden memories from your blog…

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