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Long Overdue

Hello my fellow bloggers, as the title does suggest, I completely understand that it has definitely been quite “long overdue” since I posted anything on my blog. But never fear, cuz am here!!!!! ( God! Do I get a kick out of saying something cartoony šŸ˜‰ )

Well, last couple of weeks have me kinda philosophical by nature. You know I had to use my cranium quite a lot (not that I disapprove of!), started feeling anxious and nervous.

There are so many things that you anxiously wait or expect to happen but sometimes it doesn’t and in my case quite a lot, but me who doesn’t give up that easily, pursued my DREAMS and GOALS with “grit” and “determination” if I may add, finally managed to get some things done that I always wanted.

However the process was a rather long and arduous one. It definitely isn’t that easy to pursue something that didn’t happenĀ once but you neverthelessĀ made it happen the second time round. So for that I give myself a pat on the back!!!

Long Overdue

The process literally and I mean seriously tests your patience and self-confidence! For me it took a year, and I just cannot simply sit and watch the time tick by, right? So I decided to dabble in few other things while still giving it all I got!

In the end it did finally happen along with a host of other things. I went on a vacation that was long overdue, and it was just amazing to just while away time doing nothing but enjoy the world!!!

You also get to know of a good omen when things finally start to fall in place. You know, the domino effect, when one initial action falls in place, it triggers other consequent actions to finish in the affirmative thereby finishing the most intricately crafted puzzle.

Although I questioned my decision, lost confidence, lost patience, threw tantrums, spent lost of time solitude, but when the thing that I wanted took place, I felt “It was definitely worth the effort and time!”

So I just want to add that it definitely is easy to give up and later regret about it, but it never is easy to not give up and still pursue your aims!

“Patience” and “Determination” does pay off at times.. although quite delayed šŸ˜‰ !

PS: On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, I would to extend my heartfelt warmth, gratitude and love to all my fellow bloggers, subscribers and followers who have been supportive of my blog! And a final big hug to my BLOG, without which I wouldn’t have survived my long and arduous wait for things to happen šŸ™‚

Best Wishes everybody…


The US President Barack Obama has indeed finally landed in India. Currently, India being the first stop on his Asian-Orient Tour, he really “put his best foot forward” and literally charmed the audience, including myself!

Landing into Mumbai on Saturday afternoon, his first agenda was Remembrance & Business! He checked into the TajĀ MahalĀ Hotel in Mumbai and paid his respects at the memorial erected to the victims of the 26/11 Terror attacks on Mumbai 2 years ago. With the slowly recovering American economy at the back of his brain, he spoke and struck deals with all the major honchos of Indian Business worth USD10 Billion thereby creating 54,000 jobs for American citizens!!!

This was followed by the First Lady, Michelle interacting with under-privileged children in the evening. She did let her hair down by dancing a few steps and playing hopscotch with the kids and brought huge grins on their faces!

The Obama’s revelled in the spirit of Diwali on Sunday by literally “stepping it up”! Visiting a school for some cultural programs, the Obama’s displayed their dancing prowess for the whole world to watch and judge!!! Yet, Michelle clearly had the best moves!!!

They had also visited the Gandhi Museum and then went on to interact with college students! Michelle egging the students to “ask tough questions” and keep her husband “on his toes” was seriously taken by theĀ students who did ask him the “expected and unavoidable” question on Pakistan and the US”s relationship with the country! However, I must add that Obama clearly fielded and answered the question by adopting the age-old path of diplomacy! Although he did add that the strategies adopted by Pakistan to stop the “cancer of terrorism” needed to be speedier, he said that the country was in itself victim to insurgency and that it needed all the support it can get!

He then flew to Delhi, our National capital and was rather warmly greeted by the Prime Minister Dr.Manmohan Singh and his wife. The Obama’s later dined at the PM”s residence with over 80 guests in attendance! However, the PM and Obama spoke in Private before the dinner on more “pressing issues” that I guess should deal with regional security and business apart from others!

Today, he is addressing the Indian Parliament and will later fly out to Indonesia which is his next stop!

Although you could say that I do enjoy Obama’s speeches nevertheless I do feel that the Nobel Prize is a bit too early in his career!However the concept of the First Black and the youngest President of the United States, I do have to give him credit for his wit and hard work! It definitely has not been an easy ride but the citizens want to see some action from him! Mr.Obama are you listening???

Note: Video courtesy Associated Press

Ā Ā Ā  I just felt like sharing a post and thereby giving you all an update on the ongoing Commonwealth Games 2010 happening in Delhi. There have been impressive performances by my country, India and a horde of other countries as well.

I hope that this will be the best performance of my country in all the commonwealth games that have taken place so far. India has proved its excellence in Archery, Weightlifting, Wrestling, Boxing, Tennis, Badminton, etc.. and many other innumerable sports.

Not leaving behind the other countries, they have also given equally matched and competitive performances as well.

I personally believe that the Commonwealth Games, acts as a huge platform for many countries that are smaller in stature but bigger in heart. A huge platform to exhibit their talents, be known, and possibly make new connections and friends with other countries and understanding their culture, is the most valued lessons that an athlete can learn from this, apart from winning Medals.

Now, that the games will end by the 14th of October, I am looking forward to a big send-off, in the form of a closing ceremony, to the athletes. I also wish all the athletes irrespective of the nationality the very best and thank them for coming to India and participating, thereby making the Games a success.

Commonwealth Games- Delhi 2010

The Commonwealth Games, kicked off yesterday, the 3rd October 2010 in Delhi, India. The opening ceremony was truly amazing which reflected the culture, colour and vibrancy on India.

Hordes of artists donning the various traditional costumes and swinging to the steps of the various parts of the country. Although, the games were bogged with a bundle of controversies, the opening ceremony wiped them off-but only some.

As an Indian myself, I too felt bad with the controversies and all. I could not decide whether I should criticize or sympathize. So, I just decided to put forth some points, that I really felt like sharing:

  • Coordinating, such a huge event, is not a piece of cake! Even for a really “wealthy” country.
  • We should have expected some incidents to happen. Roofs collapsing, bridges collapsing,etc.. were last-minute tensions that could have been avoided.
  • Time and tidiness should have been taken care off!
  • Nevertheless, the opening ceremony simply blew me away, so it felt proud to be a citizen of my country-INDIA.

As individuals, we can actually learn quite a few things from the incidents that have ultimately culminated into an extravaganza..

(1) Always expect the unexpected!

(2) Never slacken your pace, especially when you’ve been given a responsibility.

(3)Don’t criticize or blame anyone else for mishaps! If you’re the cause, learn to accept the blame and the consequences graciously!

(4) Try, Try and Try again! You will succeed for the hard work you put in.

On a concluding note, I would like to share some of the festivities with you readers. Here is a video, which shows the Indian Contingent arriving:

More videos can be found on YouTube! Cheers..

Alien Affairs & Solar Storms

I completely felt that I should share this link with all of you guys reading my blog,Ā just to highlight some of the utterly weird decision taken by some people in power!

Apparently, the United NationsĀ has now appointed a special ambassador for “Extra-Terrestrial Affairs”!

The person in discussion Ms.Mazlan Othman,Ā  will handle tasks related to security andĀ  “friendly” relations with aliens “if they were to arrive on earth”. Scientists have discovered many other planets in various other solar systems apart from ours, that may even support life forms there.

Ā What else can the UN think off! I mean we have so many other problems that are plaguingĀ the earth. Although, the job position does kind of sound “INNOVATIVE”, it does not provideĀ any rooms for idiocy and stupidity of the human brain.

In otherĀ news, scientists have apparently predicted a massive solar storm to occur in the year 2013, that could potentially cause huge damages to all forms of communication and could “paralyse earth”

If this were to be true, I am sure I am already working out my plans to finish off everything that I always wanted to do. But nevertheless, I am sure there may be more to this than what we may have seen or heard about.

I personally that we have so many other things to worry about than Alien Attacks and Solar Storms. Poverty, Literacy, Peace, Hunger, Extinction of Species, Deforestation are just some of the issues on the tip of the iceberg, that we have on our backs.

Hey, and if you still believe that these things are going to occur, please do tell me the top 3 things that you’ve always wanted to do before these situations take place. Leave them in the comments..

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