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Infants and Expressions

I simply had to post this video.. Just enjoy it and give your feedback..

Would like to extend my thanks to YouTube User: Zlima for bringing out the best of bitterness!!!

Just remembered, when we were children we always wanted to be adults, but now as adults we wish for the opposite to happen, irony, right!? If that were to happen, then it would truly be a case of the Brad Pitt in “Benjamin Button”

Until next time, Happy Blogging!!!


Science and Space

With the continuation of my previous post about “Alien Affairs & Solar Storms”, scientists have found another “Earth-like planet” orbiting a distant star.

At only one and a half times the radius of Earth, Gliese 581 C is the third and smallest planet to be discovered orbiting a Red Dwarf star located 20.5 light years away in the constellation Libra and the first one to approach the Earth’s size. The planet resides in the star’s “Goldilocks Zone” where liquid water –and life could occur. The team of Swiss, French and Portuguese astronomers used the European Southern Observatory’s 3.6 m telescope to make this incredible discovery. Neat! Now we have more options of buying land “either on the moon” or in this one!!!

Another video, referred by my friend, just blew me away! Rather than me explaining, please have a look at it!!!

HIV, is the most complex issues that still remains to be solved, in this world, despite of the vast advances in medicine and science. Let us, as educated individuals help curtail its spread and ultimately “kill it from our lives for good”.

Please do leave your comments about any thoughts that you may have.. Happy Blogging!!!

Few Laughs & Few Tears…

As always on Friday, I will be discussing about some of the movies that I recently watched, mostly over the course of the week sitting on a couch as opposed to an air-conditioned movie theater.

I happened to watch an ecclectic mix of movies the past week. First a comedy, “Night at The Museum 2:Battle of the Smithsonian”. Being the history enthusiast that I am, I did enjoy the movie. Truly comical and enjoyable at the same time. I did watch the 1st part of the movie, so was able to get the story from where it continues, I would recommend you all to first watch the first part and then the second, otherwise it would be like attending a history lecture that you ultimately understand. I like the way that the techinicians and script writer were able to lift and create a story about creatures coming to life after dark in a museum..? I mean, only Hollywood can do that.Ben Stiller and Amy Adams(Yes, if you notice the last post as well, I would have discussed about another film that starred her, I eman she is good!) have both done really well. They have been promptly supported by other cahracters played by Owen Wilson(Simply loved his Marley & Me!) and Robin Williams(Always remeber his Mrs.Doubtfire! He was brilliant in that!). I would highly recommend the movie if you want to have a few laughs over the weekend.


Another emotional drama that I truly enjoyed was, “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”. An amazing movie that truly deserved its right to win an Oscar. Brad Pitt, plays Benjamin Button, who in an innovative and never-heard of concept, ages backwards. Born grey, he finally ceases to exist at the end of his life. Pitt was amazing in this role and fit perfectly into the role, in terms of looks and mannerisms. Cate Blanchett as his love interest, was equally impressive. The film traces his journey, love, drama, situations and other first experiences that are completely “improportional” to him as compared to his age and looks. Taraji P Henson, as Pitt’s mother, deserves a mention here. Really fabulous movie. Please do watch it!!!


Another movie, a rom-com, in my opinion would be “The Proposal”. Sandra Bullock(Am A big fan of her!) plays a Canadian Immigrant, who is also an arrogant and “devilish” boss, cheif editor to be exact of a reputed book publishing company. Her visa about to expire and constant reminders from the Immigration Department puts her at a risk of deportation anytime.However, she gets the idea that if she marries an American, she can stay on . So she strikes a deal with her Personal Asst. played by Ryan Reynolds, to act as if they were going to get married. Comic turning, when his family really beleives the both and plan for their wedding. The resulting twist and turns with the right amount of comedy and peppered with a pinch of drama and emotions made the film enjoyable.


Hope you like my selection of movies for this week. Please do watch them and give your feedback. Happy Blogging…

Empathy and Environment

A parents’ love is to me the most purest form of love that you can see and experience, which you may or may not get from any other sort of relationship. This new commercial from Johnson & Johnson that celebrates their 100 years of existence with the subject of “Language of Love” is a truly beautiful ad conceptualized by Indian Company, Bang Bang Films. Enjoy this experience and revisit your childhood…

Being in the subject of audio-visual media, I happened to watch a film yesterday, that just left me speechless. I mean, I couldn’t say anything about the movie-nothing bad or good. 


The movie, as you can see from the poster, is “Sunshine Cleaning” that starts Amy Adams and Emily Blunt. Rose (Amy Adams) and Norah (Emily Blunt) Lorkowski are sisters – who are completely the opposite as sisters.

Rose is hardworking and emotional as a maid and a single mother to her only son, Oscar – probably given to her by her continuing relationship with her already married high-school boyfriend, who also happens to be a cop?! On the other hand Norah, is a dark, good-for-nothing, goth-looking, former-waitress who lives with her father. Struggling to make ends meet, the two then decide to join hands together on the insistence of Rose’s cop boyfriend, to start cleaning business that involves sanitizing gory crime scenes, that constantly keep reminding them of their mother’s suicide.

The films then goes to introduce a set of characters that are complex in their own ways. Their supportive and business minded father; a one-handed shopkeeper friend who supplies their cleaning equipment; an erratic yet genius son, Oscar (Who in my opinion is Brilliant in his portrayal!). Emotional breakups, drama, untoward incidents that could be avoided, retrospection are just some of the words that make up the second half of the movie.

Although, I didn’t enjoy it as much as any other movie, still you can give it a try. Especially for the scenes which involve Oscar, successfully clinching a business deal for his granddad and his innocent yet brilliant questioning of life’s facts. And another scene is an emotional one involving Amy, who talks and criticizes her dead mother for missing out on all the best things in life. Dark and complex- but yet am amazed as how the director could bring it across in such a simple and understandable way..

As we all know that the world is facing a plethora of problems. Amongst them is one major unending problem of – Environmental  Protection and Awareness. I do understand that activities around the world are helping to spread eco-awareness amongst the global citizens, I happened to read a quote from an anonymous person, somewhere, that states:

“We humans wanted to develop the world so badly, that we just went ahead without estimating the consequences. Now, we start blaming each other for what has happened to the world. But, people still don’t realize the fact that the world is an indestructible force that will still continue to exist-be it with or without nature, it is only us humans that will cease to exist.The world will just shake us humans off itself and await for new beings to arrive..!”

I actually found this quote to be interesting and so decided to share. From my end, I have this commercial from Nissan, that could help in highlighting about eco-awareness. Just awesome…

Friday First Show

Well, I missed the deadline yet again by a day or so, nevertheless I am going to make it up. On Fridays I usually discuss about videos that I find on the net interesting. Discussions about advertisements, movies, clips, songs, etc.. that I like will be the focus on Fridays.. Aptly named Friday First Show, since most of the big releases come out on a friday. And the tactic is quite neat, as far as I know, people who are working the full week will have the time on weekends to visit movies which thereby increases the box-office earnings on the opening weekend. Thus it creates or paves the way for the following week. If th movie grosses a certain amount on the opening weekend, it runs for another week and the process goes on till the audience fizzles out. So for this Friday(Actually Saturday!) I have an Indian advertisement for Lux Bathing Bar that features the Gorgeous Katrina Kaif, an Indian actress. The thing that captures me the most is the music, very Indianized and neatly performed.

Another trailer that I am waiting to watch is Woody Allen’s “You will meet a Tall Dark Stranger” that also stars Slumdog Millionaire Fame, Freido Pinto. Not much of a her fan, but still want to see how she has done in her first international film post Slumdog. Here is the trailer for you..

Another video hat I really like is a weird, completely weird goal celebration of an Icelandic Based Football team. Enjoy!

Hope you guys enjoyed my selection of videos. Will get back after some time with another interesting post… Until then Ciao..

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