“Well where do I start?”

Oh don’t worry! I guess I can fill up this space conveniently!

I blog from Chennai, a city located in the southern region of INDIA. Addy for one is my nickname that “a person who I don’t want to elaborate upon” ( I’m sure you guys will find out!) created for me! Yet, no one calls me that! My name is Adithya which basically signifies the Sun.

So my Gravatar image is kind of appropriate right? However, you will notice there is also a Moon in the picture and that it’s completely the opposite!

You could say that I’m the complete opposite! I have a sensitivity that resembles the waning Moon but have a fiery desire/attitude(Call it whatever you want!) signifying the Sun!

“Arattai with Addy” is a blog that highlights some, (actually a lot!) of things that I keep mumbling or grumbling about in day to day life! “Arattai” in my native language means “an informal conversation”, so in this case the conversation happens between me and my blog! However, I mostly do all the “talking” part in the conversation with my blog  {who thank heavens doesn’t grumble about my ramblings! You can’t expect this with another human can you? 😉 }

As you might have guessed I do enjoy the habit of writing, that I recently discovered I was good at!!! I like to write essays,articles and short stories! However I am also working on some interesting longer stories, in the hope that it will get published sometime soon!

Some of my other interests include appreciating good design-be it any form! Currently am also training in Graphic and Web designing, so will try to upload some of my designs as and when possible!

Besides that I also have a keen interest in learning languages and knowing about other cultures of the world! Currently I know a moderate amount of French and a bit of Italian but hoping to expand the list soon 🙂

Travel is in my genes and I like to visit the world, but it’s pretty damn expensive!!!

History and Mythology are some of my other fascinations!

I also have a keen eye on the latest business and international developments possibly because I graduated with honors in Business Administration! 

I have an account in LinkedIn for professional development and an account on Facebook at the behest of my ex-colleagues!

However you are always welcome to visit my blog 😉