The Oscar season is approaching and yes, Inception has also been nominated in some categories(I Guess!)

Anyways, although people raved and ranted and “Liked” the FB page on Inception, I for one had to give it a miss. I didn’t see it and felt I rather wait for it to come on Tv. (Lazy Me 😉 )

However I did hear that it had to do something about Dreams et al. And it did get me thinking about the perception and the concept and secret behind “Dreams”.

Yeah, Yeah we all do dream about earning a million dollars without moving your butt or becoming filthy rich and famous or rather get married to that favourite actor/actress, count me in as well; because even I do get such dreams.

But what about those dreams that are completely wacky or quirky! You know, something completely different from your usual dreams or nightmares! Something not like “Inception” rather a completely different perspective!

It’s funny how the human brain works and the level of imagination that we possess.It sometimes bewilders me as some people do try to implement their crazy dreams into reality.

But what goes back into these dreams coming to that specific person or that specific dream coming to a group of people? How would it be if we could analyse our dreams in a more rather non-sensical way?

I am not considering the psychologists as in my opinion they themselves are rather in a forlorn state, rather refusing to recover! How about we have people just to designate our dreams and kind of give a visual perception to it like drawing!

And I just happen to find the right people who may just be the one- kids! Thats right, you heard me! Kids have such wild imaginations that sometimes envies me! No worries, no tensions, they are in their own dreamland; while we adults fret and fume over responsibilities(which include taking care of kids 😉 ) day in and day out!

How would it be we could behave like kids once in a while! I don’t see why not!

To get in touch with your inner child on certain occasions can actually be good for some situations! I also do remember that as a child I used to watch Scooby Doo, Tom & Jerry and all those yesteryear Hannah Barbara Cartoons.

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They were such classics, that cartoons of today don’t have! I miss those animated characters a lot because of their finely crafted figures and musical voices and just the innocence behind those characters just make them so memorable!

Cartoons nowadays just breed violence and the essence behind inculcating certain things is given amiss completely. However, its good that those yesteryear cartoons do come on DVD’s or are found on the net across several tube-sharing sites.

As I come to an end, I am definitely going to connect with my inner child on more occasions that deem to be fit and just “dream on” and working towards achieving them, even the most non-sensical ones 😉 !!!