Technology is an entity that constantly innovates and evolves by itself – leaving me less amazed and more irritated or bewildered!!!

As you all may be knowing, I was and am a student of business administration and so let me begin today’s post by explaining to you a concept that I learnt. In Marketing, we have a section called Consumer behaviour – as you all may know companies constantly are trying to “learn our minds” ( Yes, I know it resembles a devious scientist Mr.X who is looking to take over us consumers and make us slaves by buying only one company’s products! OMG, the pain in imagining if there is only one company that exists in the world! Nooooo!!!!)

Anyways, as I was saying companies look to understand our needs, tastes and preferences and churn out products accordingly! They have actually categorized us consumers that ranges from “early adopters” to “late bloomers”!

Coupled with the above lesson, I also came across an article that relates old people with technology!

The article had mentioned that old people find it difficult to “understand” technology at present and so were struggling to keep touch with their high-flying and tech-savvy children. Yet there were some rather spurts of positive incidents where old people find solace in technology and adapted as a fish to the pond!

As I kept pondering over these facts, a rather old, clichéd and philosophical quote came into view – “You can’t teach an old dog, new tricks!”

It's never too late!!!

However, I’d rather question it by asking Why Not??? Why can’t you teach an old dog new tricks? I mean how do you know if the dog doesn’t want to learn? It may be willing to learn at any cost for that matter you know!!!

And I am not restricting myself only to the subject of technology – because as human beings in a “communal society” we are interdependent upon each other for survival!

So it doesn’t necessarily mean that we overlook the matter, rather we look at it from a different perspective!

Each one takes time to adapt or adopt to a certain situation, although it may take time we eventually and finally change.

So it doesn’t really matter if we feel we are too old to learn anything, rather ask yourself by saying why not now that you’ve realized this void in your life??? If you feel embarrassed, no problem ask your family or friends for help and support, I’m sure they’ll help you in every way possible!

So it doesn’t matter if your 18 and don’t know how to swim or 60 and don’t know how to use FB/Skype, all that really matters if you realize the “need” and display the “urge”…

What do you say, guys? What do you think that, you feel that you need to know/learn in spite of believing the fact that “it’s not your cup of tea”???