Although am not a supposed “fan” of social networking, not as a concept but as a method! I was not in a position to refuse an invite to go watch “The Social Network” along with my colleagues, since it was my last day at work, so I just went ahead with it!

As always, gathering up all my colleagues together was a humongous task. I always wonder why when we have to go a social gathering as a group, everyone literally “acts” up just now! They remember about that ever-important phone call to make or mail to send!

Well anyways, battling the building traffic we managed to reach just 5 minutes before the movie was about to start. So as the movie progressed, I just “watched the movie” as opposed to my colleague from the tech department, who was “noting all the technical details with regards to the construction of Facebook”!

The Social Networ(th)?

As the movie did get over, I must admit that it did leave me pondering over a few facts that I happened to notice. One major fact that I learnt is that, never take credit for some other’s work, however desperate you may be! There is no point in doing that as you’ll just be inviting trouble at a later stage.

Secondly, never underestimate even the smallest amount of help that you receive from a friend/colleague. Their small help can actually be useful/fruitful to you, so never shy away from helping them back!

Thirdly, whenever you work in a tea, do keep all the team-members informed about any decision taken or you intend to take! Not informing them can lead to serious consequences, possibly even a lawsuit!!!

Fourthly, never betray! How much ever we try, as human beings we are inbuilt with the feelings of ego,envy and jealousy! Try not to show them out, but you can always plan revenge secretly 😉 !

Lastly, one important thing I learnt is to THINK! We human beings have been given the sixth sense as opposed to other living matter! Never hesitate to put good use of the grey matter that has been bestowed upon us!

Well, I now have to work upon some plans to take action against a friend of mine who has been getting on my nerves lately.. Until next time, Happy Blogging!!! 

Oh and by the way, am not sure if you’ve noticed it, but it’s snowing on my blog! Well it doesn’t snow in my place, so I felt we could usher in the festive spirit by at least let it snow on my blog.. Seasons Greetings to all my readers…