How much ever we can boast that we are developed and moving towards a better future with many technological advancements.. Yet, there are some instances that actually show the vulnerability of such developments/advances..

The Wikileaks’ controversy that is enveloping the whole world, has created quite a flutter across various countries..

In my opinion, actually it shows that Governments’ across the world are vulnerable, discreet and cannot be trusted at all.. The dirty laundry is now stinking in the public view of the world..

And another point to be noted is that, I appreciate that Wikileaks’ is taking the initiative to educate the citizens of the world, as to how their Government acts and behaves..

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Our hard-earned money is being discreetly used in many different ways, without our notice.. And I’m glad that Wikileaks’ has brought it out into the open..

Yet, I do have to accept that some information may have gone overboard.. I’m referring to the outcome of such “vital information”..

Possible situations that could arise include mistrust, question of loyalty, bitter fights, strained relations,etc..

The word “privacy” does have no significant meaning in this day and age! Our personal info could be read by some person or the other located in any part of the world..

With other problems plaguing the world at present, this adds more fuel to the fire burning within the citizens of the world..

Personal security has now become another essential need for a human being, however when your own government doesn’t take it into account, what can you expect..

Be it social networking sites like Facebook, etc.. or the data sharing pacts between countries, it all has one thing that needs constant attention- privacy!

The expose just shows how similar the government officials behave like celebrities.. Taking digs at each other, bitching behind the back, plastic smiles and friendships, double-meaning statements, false promises, etc.. are just some of the qualities that they both share in common..

All in all, Shakespeare’s quote is the apt description of the current situation:

“All the world’s a stage, and we are all players in it!”