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Happy New Year 2011

Well folks, it’s that time of the year again wherein we step into an altogether new beginning with regards to time! As the year 2010 comes to an end, we have a 2011 that’s all set to be born! So here’s wishing my readers, followers and SUBSCRIBERS(they get special mention because after all they put up with my rants!!!) a very Happy, Prosperous and Successful New Year 2011!

I did happen to come across a rather interesting article in the papers with regards to the key ways in making resolutions actually work. So here are some of the excerpts:

# It’s all about picking the right resolution. Rather than saying “I’m gonna lose 10 Kgs” you can word it as “I’ll not waste money on any unused gym memberships”!

# It pays to be deliberately vague while wording your resolution. In other words give yourselves some room to wriggle out in certain situations!

For example: “I will wake up at 7:00 Am everyday” – NOT GOOD!

“I will wake up earlier in the mornings”- MUCH BETTER! Because 8:29Am is earlier than 8:30Am, and you did keep your resolution! 😉

# If you must make some rather “impossible” and “heartbreaking” resolutions, keep them to yourself! If you break a resolution in the first place  that ultimately no one knew about, was it ever really broken???

# If you still feel that you need to keep up your dignity without getting caught, ask for the help of your friends and family or better yet just follow the next tip!

# Make a resolution that’s mutual! Don’t get it? “Will take the dog out for a walk everyday”, so its mutual you and your pooch get involved! The advantages are actually many: You can boast to everyone that you have a heart of selflessness and made of pure gold; and you can always blame it on the dog/others if the resolution failed to kick off!!!

In my previous post, I would have mentioned that I would blog about my personal experiences in 2010 and goals for 2011. On a personal note, 2010 has been a year that has been beneficial for me in many different ways and of course I did have some sour experiences, but nevertheless I did enjoy it!

So here goes my top 5 experiences in 2010, in reverse order:

(5) Being a hater of social networking sites, I had no option but to open accounts in Facebook(You can find me on Fb as Adithya B Kumar and my profile pic is the same as my blog gravatar!) and “voluntarily” open an account in LinkedIn. I did hate it at first but actually have slowly started to get used to it now. But however I do check into my Facebook account rarely!

(4) Well, I did a valuable lesson to not sign on the dotted line without reading the fine print! So everyone keep your eyes peeled for the fine print! And I also learnt to never trust anyone again. Although I fairly keep up with this, I sometimes falter with a specific sect of the zodiac, especially those born from Jan mid to Feb mid!

(3) I have gained valuable work experience in terms of a couple of internships that helped in finding out my strong and weak areas and actually helped me narrow down by interests quite a bit.

(2) I graduated with honors in my Bachelor degree in Business Administration. Definitely all the hard work pays!!!

(1) Of course it has to be this!!! MY BLOG! I never dreamt of starting a blog, so thanks to WordPress and all my readers who supported me till now with awesome comments! Please do continue to give me your support as always! Thanks…

So I don’t actually make resolutions but I guess I can make some exceptions because rather than saying them as resolutions I would term them as “GOALS”! Some of my goals for 2011 include getting at least one of my works published, keeping my fingers crossed for some ambitious plans with regards to further studies, and vowing to blog at least 3 posts per week and make my blog as lively and entertaining as possible.

So once again I wish everyone a very Happy New Year 2011 and see you all again next year!

Until next time, Happy Blogging…


As always, I found out that it is a common notion amongst many of us to review the year that passed by. The year 2010 is soon coming to an end and 2011 is all set to be born this weekend. Thus, I too decided to bring out a sort of review of some the major happenings and situations that took place across the world this year.

Wikileaks: Confidential No More!!!

The latest news that is emanating from the United Kingdom is that Julian Assange is being a whopping GBP 1 million for his personal memoir. The smart man that he is, he is using this payment to substantiate his legal costs that he incurred while he got out on bail for a criminal charge. Wikileaks has taken the world by storm this year and will in all probabilities continue to do so. The whistle-blower website is on the lips of millions of citizens and “netizens” across the world so much that Assange has his group of loyal followers( I wouldn’t want to include myself, but I guess he is smart and doing something to clean the political system, in a way)!!! Wikileaks has become a source of an impending headache for almost all the countries across the world as it reveals “confidential” secrets to the view of the public. It totally shocks me that countries can be so cheap behaving like “catty actresses” bitching about others and manipulating people. However, I do have to admit that some secrets are definitely too sensitive to be revealed and the consequences, if the info falls into the wrong hands, can be devastating. Nevertheless, the “joy ride” of Wikileaks is all set to continue next year as well… Keep watching this space…

BP Oil Leak- When will we ever learn???

The year also saw one of the most horrible environmental disasters of all time. An underground pipeline carrying crude oil burst open in the Gulf of Mexico thus leading to major oil spill, one of the worst ever recorded in history. Rapid industrialization will definitely lead to some sort of abuse to the environment. It is completely unavoidable, however it can be reduced to a massive extent. Eco-groups around the world protested and were angered by this “accident” that saw a huge amount of money being spent on repairing the pipeline. Several species of birds, animal-both marine and terrain were affected by this. It still remains to be seen as to when do we get a solid solution from scientists to avert such incidents from taking place in the future.

Sports 2010

2010 was also the year of many famous and rather “infamous” sporting activities taking place around the globe. We saw the exciting and rather nail-biting finish to the FIFA Football World Cup 2010 held at South Africa with Spain winning the cup. (WAKA WAKA!!!) Although there were some controversies involved in it with regards to using the 3rd referee technology, South Africa managed to pull it off!!! We also had the sporting events being held at the 2 rising super-powers in Asia, India and China. The Commonwealth Games 2010 at Delhi and the Asiad 2010 at Guangzhou were held with much fanfare and excitement. Albeit the infamous corruption charges that put the CWG on the anvil, the Games finally did manage to take place without any tension. And I was also happy that India did very well compared to the past at these 2 games. Jai Ho!!!

2010 at the Movies

I’m not sure if I am the “apt” person to talk about this part. This is because I hardly step into a cinema hall/theater to watch a movie. My lazy butt always stays at home with the notion that “Anyways this movie is gonna come on Tv sometime, I’ll watch it then!”

But nevertheless I did manage to catch few of them. Although I have read all the books in the Harry Potter Series, the last movie I managed to watch was the Order of the Phoenix! I did watch Salt ( Since am a fan of Angie Jolie, WoW! She is the action babe!) but it did disappoint me. There was the action but the story just went haywire! Maybe Angie is waiting for a script of mine 😉 ! I also did manage to watch “The Social Network”. As described in some few posts back, ugh, I hate these tech movies!!! However, the emotional part of the movie did get me thinking! Rounding off with the massive blockbuster of the year INCEPTION. I heard that it was an awesome movie from every Tom,Dick & Harry and that I should definitely watch it, but alas I’ll wait till it comes on Tv. Anyways Alice in Wonderland that released this year, is being telecast on Tv next week, so how much time can Inception take right???

The year 2010 has been an eventful year of sorts for the world. We are also coming down to finish a decade and 2011 will mark the beginning of a new year, a new decade, a new Beginning! However, do keep your eyes peeled for how 2010 was for me as a person/individual and what are my plans for 2011! You too can share your experiences of 2010 and goals for 2011, would like to hear them!

Until next time, Happy Blogging…

PS: Oh, and the images used in this post were created by me, so I don’t need to credit anyone and don’t have to worry about any copywright issues 😉 !!!

Merry Christmas & Seasons Greetings

I would like to extend the warmest greetings from my side to all readers and followers of my blog.. I hope that this festive season gives you all good!!! Merry Christmas…

PS: I designed the image myself (JFYI!) Would appreciate any feedback on the image..


The title is definitely not my phone number or the “measurements of an incredibly overweight woman”.. I am celebrating the inception of me ( and definitely not the movie INCEPTION!!!) I crashed into the Internet and WordPress around 50 posts ago, thanks to my friend Addy.. Seems ages!!!

Well, the first paragraph was written by my blog! This is officially my 50th blog post. I’ve got around 700+ hits and 65 odd comments on my blog since I started it at the end of August 2010!

Its become a sort of obsession, hasn’t it? Amongst us bloggers? To boast about our “statistics”! We keep checking on our blog everyday to see how many have seen,commented, liked our posts and eventually boast about it to our friends,family, neighbours, the man at the cash counter at the nearby grocer’s or the waitress at the local restaurant!!!

I mean, we just can’t seem to get enough of our blog and our writing. We need to publicize it and so we add Facebook, Twitter and other links wherein readers can share our posts (I however doubt it if they share mine???)

Yet, we still sometimes don’t bother about writing anything on our blog for a long time and eventually let the blog to survive on bits and pieces of our writing.

Blogging has become an indispensable tool to bring about change! Writing is fine, but having a blog, writing something extraordinary, getting people to follow, like and eventually support and subscribe to your blog is definitely something huge. I am here representing all those bloggers who have not yet been “Freshly Pressed” and have not had that much of a fan following… People, don’t be disheartened, you have it in you to do what you want on your own free will!

Give more passion into what ou write about and am sure other successful things can follow! A blog can actually catapult you to fame if any influential people see it – you may actually be considered for a coveted post that you may even not be aware…

Thus, just don’t be bothered about the number of subscriptions and just keep scripting your success story for the few who want to see it..

Seasons Greetings…

My Dearest Blog,

7th December 2010

My Dearest Blog,

                          I hope this letter finds you in the best of your life – both professional(technical) and personal(Literary). Its been a really long time since I heard from your end. The last time I heard any news from you was only in August when I had referred you to a job in a company that I knew.

Did you take up WordPress’ offer of a “Junior Pressed Executive”? Have you settled into the company? Hope they are treating you well…

Belated Thanksgiving wishes as well.. Did you go and see your parents in “Publishville“? I also hope that you liked the dress(background/theme) that I had sent you for your Birthday. I picked up the “Motion Dress designed by Sam Ideas” since you are a big fan of his designs and your favorite colors are blue and green.

How these 3 odd months have flown by, I still don’t understand! Its was only 4 months back that we met each other at the Internet Explorer Bar over drinks. And we clicked immediately, we shared a common passion of writing and communication!

Try and visit us for the Christmas vacations so that we can catch up, have “An Arattai” and I can introduce you to some of my friends like Facebook and Twitter amongst others including Digg, Stumbleupon, Reddit, etc.. All of hem “share” a common interest, which is nothing but Writing.

Expecting your reply soon.

Best Wishes,

Your Friend,


PS: Oh, and has it started “snowing” there?


9th December 2010

Dearest Addy,

              I profusely apologize for the delay in my response to you. I will always be indebted to you for our kind help in referring me a job especially when the economy is facing a downward trend.

I did get the job, and your dress that you sent also played a crucial role in me getting the job. I wore to my interview, and my good luck, I got selected immediately!!!

I wanted to inform you before, but the work was building up. Since the other person who was in my post had left all of a sudden, WordPress wanted me to join and start work as soon as possible. Work has been hectic over the past couple of months, but I’ve been able to adjust. Have been on my toes, meeting targets, talking to people,etc.. However I have to add I will be receiving a promotion to a “Freshly Pressed Manager” soon!!!

WordPress was impressed by my performance of  receiving close to 600 odd sales(hits) in little less than 3 months, so they decided to offer me this post. Am really happy and this all because of you, so Thanks a lot!!!

Yes, Thanksgiving went on as usual, I did visit my parents Mr.Draft and Mrs. Preview Draft in Publishville, however I was in for a rude shock when my dad had a mild “spam attack“!

So we had to rush him to Upgrade Hospital. After several scans and pre-med procedures, Dr.Dashboard suggested that he undergo a “Trasho Spam Removal Treatment“. They found that his “linking and attachment arteries were blocked due to the spam attacks.” He did have a successful operation and now doing fine. He has to continue having “Akismet” tablets to prevent and cure any spam from further attacking him.

I will definitely visit you and we can have “An Arattai” with you, FB, Twitter, etc.. Maybe we cold even start a club/society with our friends called “Blogroll Inc.” What say?

Yes the weather forecast says that it will continue to snow till the 4th of January.

Give my best regards to your family as well. See you soon.


Seasons Greetings!

Your friend,


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