It truly involves a lot work delving deep into the pages of psychology to really understand how a human behaves! And although you assume one thing, it actually ends the other way altogether! We do some actions that either or actually are in fact inspired by others. No-one can have a REAL and unique action,thought,behavior,etc.. because we all have transcended generations by learning from our ancestors.

Yet, you know in some situations we or more to say, I, simply don’t know how to react.. Should I tae it in a positive way or a negative way.. Yet, I simply don’t know why, I tend to look at the negative first rather than actually learn to accept the positive thing of a situation first!

I do admit that it’s a bad habit, but I guess I do enjoy and hope that other people too accept the fact that they too are like me!

However, now let me bring forth the reason why I chose to blog about this! I got a mail this morning from a friend of mine who happens to be owning a Blackberry!

Now how did I know? Well apparently for every message that I send my friend happened to send a reply that contained not just the message but also this line displayed prominently: “Sent from my Blackberry

Image Courtesy: Puremobile

Now, every human has a level of patience right? I mean how many messages can you handle from a “Blackberry” than my friend! So I bade my friend a “cheerful goodbye” citing a fake reason that I had other work to do and finished my conversation.

However I was actually in two minds.. I mean although initially I was just so pissed with the incessant messages pouring into my inbox from a mobile phone, yet I was actually getting  a bit put-off from the fact that my friend had a “Black Berry” while I,sigh,still had an old-fashioned phone to keep me company (But I still like it, Hello Moto! 😉 )

Apart from the human psyche to feel a sense of greed and envy on seeing another person flaunt something that you don’t have, but I also came to a conclusion that its nothing but a “neat marketing trick” by the company!

Now, you can question, how am I saying this?

Well, how many of you do agree to the fact that after falling prey to the trick in discussion, attempt to get hold of that “Blackberry” or any other smart phone?

I’m sure most of us would raise our hands in acceptance to the question!

Wow, am I brainy or what? *Applause*

Oh, another think I forgot to add was that I also received a message from the “Facebook email id” of a friend of mine! Now again should I think that it’s another marketing trick of Facebook or was it a devious way of my friend to brag about his new-found fascination or blame it on my ever-doubting brain? Hmm.. I’ll leave you guys to guess that!

Image Courtesy: Idealog

Alright, I’ve ranted enough!No more charge on my Apple iPhone! Needs recharge! 😉

Until next time, Happy blogging…