Before I start my blog post for today, I would highly advice my readers to first go through my previous post “A Memorable Loss of memory”, as this post is based on the previous one.

I did truly enjoy penning down that short story based on the theme of memory loss. It was meant to be sent for a competition but alas the “lazy me” didn’t send it across. However, I feel happy that I was able to share it to the world through my blog and received much encouragement and support from fellow bloggers.

Now, Addy felt that this post was highly necessary to be present on my blog just in order to discuss what I’ve learnt from the story and the meaning within.

In my opinion, losing one’s memory is definitely one of the worst things that a human being could possibly endure! Possibly because he might have to learn things, that he might be good at, again. This is totally uncalled for but unavoidable!

Humans tend to revel in their thoughts and memories all the time, and it’s completely natural as we are the only living thing with the Sixth Sense. However, our brain and heart are continually plagued by emotions of various genres one after the other.

We are happy one moment, sad the next, and angry eventually, or maybe jealous at a later stage! In what can be termed as a life-long battle between “Good & Evil” within the premises of the arteries and veins located deep inside the chest and the head, we eventually remain neutral.

Yet on most occasions we always tend to do something unprecedented and end up miserable for the rest of our lives. Or we are so elated that we jump from the ground to the sky that attitude and arrogance automatically set it.

It is then that the devil in us springs to life causing emotional heartburn not only in us but amongst our near and dear ones as well. Staying grounded is one of the most difficult tasks for us especially if we start seeing “green” all over.

No wonder the term “green with envy” originated 😉 !

Keeping note that control over the mind and heart is a strenuous exercise for all! We constantly debate whether we need to follow our heart or our brain on a certain decision.

Some side with the “angel” ( the heart, in my opinion) while others befriend the “devil”( for the intellects, including me.. Mwahaha..)

Yet, I cannot classify that the heart will remain angelic or the brain “devilish” all the time! We have our good and bad, but its all upon us what we want to portray!

You can argue that the next neighbour is heaven-sent or your boss hell-bent, but remember this “Don’t judge me by what you’ve seen in me. Remember  What you have seen in me is only what I’ve chosen to show you”

As for now, I have learnt many lessons and this was just some few excerpts. Will post what else I’ve learnt and failed to recognize, in the future. Until next time, Happy Blogging…