A Memorable Loss of Memory…

 Gary Woodsbrough was sitting with his eyes closed in his comfy wooden rocking chair in his house when all of a sudden he was awoken with a jolt, by a really pretty little girl around the age of 7 or 8 years, he did not know. She was wearing a pink frock and gifted him a diary which bore the letters “Happy Birthday, Grandpa!”

 Gary did not remember seeing her before; yet he opened the book and began to read what was written in it. It was a diary, really special, that contained the most memorable incidents and photographs of Gary’s life that was compiled by his only son, Mark. Gary went through all the notes and photos of various cherished incidents that he shared with his son when Mark was small. By looking over the photos again and again he faintly remembered with utmost nostalgia about the secret fishing trips that he and his son went over the creek near the house, or search for rabbits in the nearby forest, or constructing a tree house for his son, to the extent that he even helped his son to find the ideal first date!

 His son had compiled the most precious and invaluable gift ever as a Birthday present for Gary, who was suffering from beginning stages of Alzheimer’s Syndrome. As he closed the book, he felt a warm and caring touch of a hand on his shoulder, later to find out that it was none other than his son, Mark.

With tear-filled eyes, he hugged his son and apologized for the loss of his memory. Gary said, “Son, I am really sorry. I felt really bad that I could not even recognize my own grand-daughter. What’s her name again, I keep forgetting it?”

 “Crystal, Dad.” replied Mark.

 “Ah.. Such a wonderful name! I wish her name would just crystallize in my mind forever. But, I am just not lucky enough to remember all the good moments that I experienced in life.”

 “Dad, it’s Okay. On the other hand I truly feel you are way luckier having the memory loss, not that I am criticizing you or anything. To be frank, as a normal human being without any memory problems we tend to always fret and fume over bad incidents. Jealousy, Ego, Confusion, Hatred, Love, and other things that one experiences in life is not permanent, yet we still tend to remember the bad incidents or situations more than the good ones. However, you get to experience each new thing again and again everyday thereby understanding the hidden beauty behind every new thing, which we fail to see in our busy and complex life. I promise you that we all are there for you, all the time and that you don’t need to worry about anything.”

 “I Love you, Son.”

 “I Love You, Dad.”

 After this talk with his son, Gary learnt to appreciate and value the beauty hidden in everything and everyone till the end of his life. Some times memory loss can also be memorable with the help, love and support of your family always…

Just a really short story that I happened to pen down! Would appreciate your comments and feedback!

Until next time, Happy Blogging…