The US President Barack Obama has indeed finally landed in India. Currently, India being the first stop on his Asian-Orient Tour, he really “put his best foot forward” and literally charmed the audience, including myself!

Landing into Mumbai on Saturday afternoon, his first agenda was Remembrance & Business! He checked into the Taj Mahal Hotel in Mumbai and paid his respects at the memorial erected to the victims of the 26/11 Terror attacks on Mumbai 2 years ago. With the slowly recovering American economy at the back of his brain, he spoke and struck deals with all the major honchos of Indian Business worth USD10 Billion thereby creating 54,000 jobs for American citizens!!!

This was followed by the First Lady, Michelle interacting with under-privileged children in the evening. She did let her hair down by dancing a few steps and playing hopscotch with the kids and brought huge grins on their faces!

The Obama’s revelled in the spirit of Diwali on Sunday by literally “stepping it up”! Visiting a school for some cultural programs, the Obama’s displayed their dancing prowess for the whole world to watch and judge!!! Yet, Michelle clearly had the best moves!!!

They had also visited the Gandhi Museum and then went on to interact with college students! Michelle egging the students to “ask tough questions” and keep her husband “on his toes” was seriously taken by the students who did ask him the “expected and unavoidable” question on Pakistan and the US”s relationship with the country! However, I must add that Obama clearly fielded and answered the question by adopting the age-old path of diplomacy! Although he did add that the strategies adopted by Pakistan to stop the “cancer of terrorism” needed to be speedier, he said that the country was in itself victim to insurgency and that it needed all the support it can get!

He then flew to Delhi, our National capital and was rather warmly greeted by the Prime Minister Dr.Manmohan Singh and his wife. The Obama’s later dined at the PM”s residence with over 80 guests in attendance! However, the PM and Obama spoke in Private before the dinner on more “pressing issues” that I guess should deal with regional security and business apart from others!

Today, he is addressing the Indian Parliament and will later fly out to Indonesia which is his next stop!

Although you could say that I do enjoy Obama’s speeches nevertheless I do feel that the Nobel Prize is a bit too early in his career!However the concept of the First Black and the youngest President of the United States, I do have to give him credit for his wit and hard work! It definitely has not been an easy ride but the citizens want to see some action from him! Mr.Obama are you listening???

Note: Video courtesy Associated Press