The world is surely moving at an unimaginable speed nowadays! Simply cannot imagine that we did not have presence of “computers” in the past, yet we still survived! Now, however, is a different story!!! We all take to computers with a vengeance to complete all our work and no doubt that it has definitely made our life simpler and better!

We now have info about the most weirdest things at our fingertips, irrespective of their usefulness!!! But, that is not new right? I mean the more revolutionary thing about the presence of computers in our lives is “NETWORKING”

Networking does not necessarily stick to tech-based talk, but extends to our normal lives as well! A smile to our neighbors,our employers/employees,friends,family,etc.. It just keeps getting better and Bigger!!!

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube,Orkut,LinkedIn,MySpace, etc.. are all technological revolutions that have redefined the way we actually interact with each other! Sharing interesting thinks that you like,hate,laugh,etc.. about with your friends present around the world!

Wow, now that does sound overwhelming! But let me just add one point here, have we forgot the real world?

That’s a highly debated question, to which most of us agree in the negative!We all say that “No, we are pretty much aware of what’s happening!”

But, are we really??? Networking does indeed help building that circle of people who you may know, that ultimately may lead to the enviable job that you always wanted, the house you always dreamt of, or even the perfect life partner that you always wished for!!!

However, the above mentioned situations are very hypothetical and beyond imagination for now!!!

Yet, in this day an age we have started to compare our “Facebook friends”,”number of tweets”,”number of hits of your videos”,etc… In my opinion we have certainly become obsessed with all our accounts in the various social-networking sites!!!

That we just forget to wake up and smell the coffee! Meaning, we don’t realize the importance of the physical presence of our loved ones! How much ever we try, we do want a reassuring hug,a pat on the back, a slight ruffle of your hair, a shoulder to cry on,etc.. at times rather than some “random posting” on our wall!!!

Another point that kinda creeps me out is the fact that you most personal info can actually be read by someone,somewhere,anytime, without us actually knowing about it! Although, you may argue that we do have privacy controls, but technological advances have actually brought out the volatile nature of our information in the wrong hands!!! Hackers can easily fake your id’s and this was very much brilliantly brought out in various movies(especially the Sandra Bullock starrer “The NET”!), yet we still fail to realize that, that particular situation could happen to anyone!

Getting random anonymous friend requests from people whom you haven’t even met or heard of them, just puts me off, to actually hate these kind of sites! I, for one, have my account in LinkedIn and Facebook! I wanted an account in LinkedIn but had to reluctantly agree to creating one in FB at the behest of my BOSS!!!

So once some things do get settled then for sure, I will be de-activating my account in FB!!!

On concluding, I just want to add that people, just ask yourselves this, “IS NETWORKING WORTH IT?”

Is Networking worth it?


Am open to comments from readers! And before I sign off, I want to wish all my readers a very Happy Diwali from me and my Country’s side! Until Next time, Happy Blogging… 

Happy Diwali