US President Barrack Obama will be visiting India and spending or rather should I say “celebrating”  Diwali with us! Although I am quite inquisitive as to what is his agenda will be, however I was quite taken aback after I happened to hear the “huge costs” involved in his stay!

A rough estimate says that his trip to our national capital, New Delhi, costs close to INR 15,00,000 per Hour!!! His security staff has booked all 440 rooms of a luxurious 5 star hotel from November 5 till the president’s departure. In addition, official sources say, more rooms have been booked in other luxury hotels, including a neighbouring hotel of the same class!

Just his two-day stay at one of the hotels will cost anywhere between Rs 1.2 crore and Rs 1.8 crore per day. 

Obama is touted to bring one of the largest contingents which also includes his personal chefs,security staff,technicians,advisors,businessmen and other officials from his government!

This will be his first ever visit to India, as far as I know, since he became the President, who has come under severe criticism for his “lack of doing anything” for the US. In my opinion news about his vacation plans and photos or his visits to deli’s or cafe’s are making headlines more than his efforts taken! Although I do have to admit that, when he adopted Presidency the economy had already taken a big hit, so it was only natural that you cannot expect overnight measures to be taken by him to reapir them! Nevertheless, Politics is like a rubics cube! Unless and until you reach the “perfect combination” you simply cannot move!

Meaning only if everyone “agrees” on any policy, say the Healthcare Policy, he can implement them, otherwise it will just lay there collecting grime or just being tossed around!

Anyways, I will definitely update my readers about the happenings from Obama’s visit soon. Until then, Happy Blogging!