Human beings in general have a set of desires /wishes/cravings,etc.. Ultimately we do try our level best to satisfy them, but not many of us realize that there are certain limits for everything!

As usual we, as an entire society or as an individual, step over these limits and create problems not only for us but for others around us.

I for one have decided to cover all widespread areas possible, and will describe based on my own experiences and findings, as to why we go after it and ultimately does it backfire or bear fruit? Lets find out… The series that starts from today, will we a weekly series covering various topics and issues but all of them have one thing in common “How much is too much?”

For today, let me discuss the universal aspect of one of the human qualities, and that in my opinion is GREED!

Yes, I personally believe it, that GREED is one quality of human beings that is actually “inborn” rather than being aroused by external stimuli! Although, the force and level of Greed is influenced by external stimuli, it basically stems from the human being in question, himself/herself!

The slightest aspects of Greed can actually be noted even during stage when the offspring is in fact present inside the mother’s foetus!  The Greed to see the world! Although mother’s are caring and carrying, they love the foetus nevermore than in this stage!

Once the child is born, the boy/girl is greedy for material aspects! School, playground,parks,etc.. are some areas that breed the quality of Greed as well as other positive qualities. The greed to outshine others or the greed to have something that the kid sitting behind you has, are all some instances that keep flowing through the mind!

As and when the individual grows, the greed changes from time to time based on material objects that play or define the individual’s life.

The quality of Greed can be prominently seen especially in cases where siblings are present! The greed for love and affection can be noticed as a competition between the siblings!

So as the individual grows, the greed for power, money, fame, success,etc.. all play havoc with the individuals grey matter! Yes, it is all common, even sometimes for me, to experience the sense of Greed.

And I must say that it can be an exhilarating experience sometimes! Because when greed sets in it can either convert into a positive force or a negative force. By positive I mean to say, Greed pushes you and your willpower to do more and achieve more!

By negative, Greed toys with your brain in accepting and eventually committing acts that lead to devastating circumstances in an individual’s life!

The thing that actually determines the level of greed that an individual possesses is the question in discussion:”How much is too much?”

Is it that literate people have less greed, yet they are the ones who commit most of the crimes; or is it that illiterate people are greedy by nature, maybe but as far as I am concerned they only have a greed for a better life!

So greed is equally balanced in all our lives, including mine, but it all depends on how we process and sift through our actions before committing them! We need to evaluate our decisions,thoughts and wishes before we actually indulge in them, lest we fall prey to the hands of Greed!

"Don't let Greed Outgrow you!"

By concluding, all I wish to say is that “Don’t let GREED Outgrow you!”

“How Much is too much?”