Hello my dear readers, if there are any???

Apologize for the quite a long delay in not updating anything over the past few days. Been busy with work and festivities all around me. Ate too much like an Anaconda that my head just didn’t stay in place and constantly longed for the pillow, which ultimately it did manage to get, He he..

Anyways, as for today, I do want to share with you the story about a start-up, Innocent Drinks, UK. Has anyone heard about it?

Well, although am not in the Uk but quite associated with it in a way(I cover Uk news happenings for MAARS News!) so I decided to share an interview that I happened to watch over the weekend on the BBC.

“Richard Reed,the founder of UK company Innocent Drinks describes how he and three university friends took their business venture from idea to reality.

Richard Reed founded Innocent in 1998 with two friends from Cambridge University, Adam Balon and Jon Wright.

When they left university they all got jobs with blue-chip companies – one went into advertising and two went into management consultancy. But that didn’t stop them constantly talking about setting up a business – a conversation they’d been having since their student days.

Four years later they quit their jobs and decided to go into business after getting back from snowboarding holiday where they’d done nothing but talk about their desire to become entrepreneurs.

They decided to set up a business which would appeal to people like them – so they fixed on the theme of doing good to themselves. The result was Innocent, a drinks company producing pure fruit smoothies. The company now produces more than 30 different recipes and sells more than two million smoothies each week through 10,000 retailers in the UK and overseas.

Since Innocent was launched the company has been growing by 20 per cent year on year and currently has a 75 per cent share of the smoothie market. In April 2009 Coca-Cola bought an 18 per cent stake in the company for £30 million. A year later it paid £65 million for a 58 per cent stake.” (Interview taken from BBC.) You can also go to the BBC website for the main video interview.

It was definitely inspiring and their corporate culture is really cool and laid back, that it definitely tempts me to take a swig of their smoothies. Well, that is not possible since am not in or from the UK. No matter, I did learn quite a lot from the interview –  in terms of things  like try and try again, perseverance and hard work will pay,etc..

For more info on the company this is the site, http://www.innocentdrinks.co.uk/us/?Page=our_story

Until next time, will catch you with another post – that you can decide whether its interesting or mundane!