I happened to celebrate a colleague’s birthday yesterday at the workplace. Although, it was fun with some celebration all around the office, it actually made me think otherwise.

I do agree that Birthdays are a joyous occasion meant to be celebrated all around, but how many of us actually give a though to our existence and the purpose of our lives?

A question that has been plaguing my mind is that, do we lead the lives that we want.. Have we accomplished all the things we’ve always dreamt off..

We keep putting goals and counting the days to finish them, but we don’t bother to recognize our efforts nor do we identify the track in which we’re travelling-whether it is the right one or not?

Have you ever thought about the usefulness of your life? Have you been good to the world, society, friends, family, etc.. If you notice the order in which I wrote would be from the largest to the smallest.. Your support and hardwork starts from your home and then drifts to the world!

Only if you have a hapy home, will you able to spread cheer to the world around!

I for one have at least found the track that I always wanted, and am quite enjoying it! So people, just dust off the grime from those “to-do-lists” and start to review the goals that you might have written either recently or long time back!

Keep questioning yourself about your actions, decisions, thoughts, etc.. And remember that the only way to know if you are going in the right direction, is to measure the happiness that you have accumulated over the past… Don’t hesitate to try anything new, because you will ultimately learn something from the outcome of the situation, be it good or bad! 

So Have a clear focus and do keep me posted on your progress!


Until next time,  Happy Blogging…