I just felt like sharing a post and thereby giving you all an update on the ongoing Commonwealth Games 2010 happening in Delhi. There have been impressive performances by my country, India and a horde of other countries as well.

I hope that this will be the best performance of my country in all the commonwealth games that have taken place so far. India has proved its excellence in Archery, Weightlifting, Wrestling, Boxing, Tennis, Badminton, etc.. and many other innumerable sports.

Not leaving behind the other countries, they have also given equally matched and competitive performances as well.

I personally believe that the Commonwealth Games, acts as a huge platform for many countries that are smaller in stature but bigger in heart. A huge platform to exhibit their talents, be known, and possibly make new connections and friends with other countries and understanding their culture, is the most valued lessons that an athlete can learn from this, apart from winning Medals.

Now, that the games will end by the 14th of October, I am looking forward to a big send-off, in the form of a closing ceremony, to the athletes. I also wish all the athletes irrespective of the nationality the very best and thank them for coming to India and participating, thereby making the Games a success.