Before I write my post today, I would like to thank all my readers who took their time to read and comment on my blog! Have crossed over 200 hits as of today! please do continue your support, and I will try to entertain you to the best of my abilities!

Ok, with regards to my previous posting “Message with a Meaning”, my thoughts after posting it, was rather inquisitive, so to speak! If you had noticed I would have mentioned really strange and awkward memories at that! I would have also written about humans and life going in a fast pace!

This made me think that, if there are “differences” in situations then there definitely are “differences” amongst people as well, right!?

Nevertheless, one thing amazed me that, in spite of the “differences” that we all possess, we live or at least try to live together as a common society!

In terms of differences, I can say a whole load of things, like differences based on culture, traditions, nationality, religion, gender, color, race, etc.. but one thing that caught me the most was the “difference in terms of personality and character”!

We have soooo many personalities and characters existing in this world. Emotional, Sensitive, Arrogant, Dunce, Violent, Peaceful, Fun-loving, Goofy, Brainy, etc… I am not sure if they are qualities, but even then, a set of qualities define the person as a whole, right!

However, we still have some major and minor spurts of differences that still need to be resolved! Racism, Violence, tc.. are some “differences” of either opinion or something else, lead to disruption of normal lives of people! If the whole world changes its outlook and learns to read through and eventually accept the “differences” amongst themselves and in others, it will lead to an unstoppable and constructive energy that will surely make this World a better place to live!

So, people, accept that you are “different” in some way or the other! Identify them and convert them into your strengths and it will surely help you in life!

“You are born as an original, Don’t die as a Copy!”