Today, I just decided to have a light-hearted topic to discuss. I guess, that the readers of my blog, might be wondering what the name or the title of my blog actually means? Well, stop fretting over, because I’ll explain it now.

I am an Indian and as you all might know, India is a land filled with rich culture and innumerable languages than any other country in the world! So, I decided my title to have a bit of my mother tongue, Tamil and English. “Arattai” in my native language basically denotes a conversation or informal “chit-chat”. Although, I am not that talkative by nature, I felt, let my blog speak for itself and convey my messages. Thus, the choice of the word “Arattai”. “Addy” is a nickname given to me by my “ex-friends”. So, I decided to give with it.

During some of my encounters with countless other “freshly pressed” blogs, I have to admit, that people in general, are very creative. I have witnessed a lot of Quirky names that leave you spellbound, tongue-in-cheek, etc.. So people, keep up the good work!!!

And as for today, I just feel like sharing one of my favorite message sent to me by a friend of mine that reads:


Trying hard to find the mobile when you’ve kept it in silent or vibrator mode! (Believe me! Am sure all of you might agree on this one!)

A random day dream and then realizing that you were staring at someone by mistake!

Having some text on your mobile phone that you never want to delete!

Restarting the song when you miss your most favorite lines!(happens with me all the time!)

Counting the number of pages,before you read anything!

Moments when we feel smiling is far better than explaining why you are sad!

Seriously! Life is better when you decide, you don’t care whatever strange things happen! Just love it and enjoy life as it is!!!”

I really agree with the above message that we as humans tend to put all the pressure on ourselves and then once things don’t work out as planned, we start cribbing! We should learn to take life in the normal pace as it goes and live for the present!

Until next time, Happy Blogging!