The Commonwealth Games, kicked off yesterday, the 3rd October 2010 in Delhi, India. The opening ceremony was truly amazing which reflected the culture, colour and vibrancy on India.

Hordes of artists donning the various traditional costumes and swinging to the steps of the various parts of the country. Although, the games were bogged with a bundle of controversies, the opening ceremony wiped them off-but only some.

As an Indian myself, I too felt bad with the controversies and all. I could not decide whether I should criticize or sympathize. So, I just decided to put forth some points, that I really felt like sharing:

  • Coordinating, such a huge event, is not a piece of cake! Even for a really “wealthy” country.
  • We should have expected some incidents to happen. Roofs collapsing, bridges collapsing,etc.. were last-minute tensions that could have been avoided.
  • Time and tidiness should have been taken care off!
  • Nevertheless, the opening ceremony simply blew me away, so it felt proud to be a citizen of my country-INDIA.

As individuals, we can actually learn quite a few things from the incidents that have ultimately culminated into an extravaganza..

(1) Always expect the unexpected!

(2) Never slacken your pace, especially when you’ve been given a responsibility.

(3)Don’t criticize or blame anyone else for mishaps! If you’re the cause, learn to accept the blame and the consequences graciously!

(4) Try, Try and Try again! You will succeed for the hard work you put in.

On a concluding note, I would like to share some of the festivities with you readers. Here is a video, which shows the Indian Contingent arriving:

More videos can be found on YouTube! Cheers..