With the continuation of my previous post about “Alien Affairs & Solar Storms”, scientists have found another “Earth-like planet” orbiting a distant star.

At only one and a half times the radius of Earth, Gliese 581 C is the third and smallest planet to be discovered orbiting a Red Dwarf star located 20.5 light years away in the constellation Libra and the first one to approach the Earth’s size. The planet resides in the star’s “Goldilocks Zone” where liquid water –and life could occur. The team of Swiss, French and Portuguese astronomers used the European Southern Observatory’s 3.6 m telescope to make this incredible discovery. Neat! Now we have more options of buying land “either on the moon” or in this one!!!

Another video, referred by my friend, just blew me away! Rather than me explaining, please have a look at it!!!

HIV, is the most complex issues that still remains to be solved, in this world, despite of the vast advances in medicine and science. Let us, as educated individuals help curtail its spread and ultimately “kill it from our lives for good”.

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