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Hello everyone, I would like to bring to your notice that I’ve had over 300 views on my blog since I started in late August and early September! So I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all the readers of my blog(IF THERE ARE ANY???) Please do continue to give me your support, so that I feel inspired to do more for you and me!!!

Apart from that I would also like to bring to everyone’s notice that US President Barrack Obama is coming to India next week during festival time! His visit has generated quite a lot of hype and “expenses” here! Apparently he has booked closed to the full Taj Hotel in Mumbai. I guess that pretty much close to 500 rooms?

Whoa!!! That’s a lot! In the wake of his visit, many “big” industrialists have started to converge in India! Well as long as it improves ties and trade between the two countries, I’m good! Will update about his visit next week on my blog, so people keep watching this space!!!


As you all may know, I’ve started a sort of “SERIES” on my blog recently, last week to be exact! The series aptly titled “How much is too much?” will cover various topics from different dimensions.

In my last post you would have seen that it was covering about the innate human nature of GREED! So for today, let us move on to a material aspect that stems from Greed- MONEY!

Money has now , in my opinion, has been tagged as a basic need for homo-sapiens apart from food,clothing and shelter! Nowadays, people are weighed simply with the amount of money that they have in their bank accounts!

Being filthy rich” is the motto for the denizens of this planet especially in this generation/century, which am pretty sure will continue into the future as well.

As people’s wallets grow fatter, their brains work much slower! Facts that leave me quite puzzled include how people can spend on some “mindless ventures”,”crazy inventions”,etc.. Yes, I too may have indulged in somethings like these in the past but not blowing so much money on probable “useless or trivial” things! Personally, when I spend some amount of money way beyond from what I had originally planned to, I automatically start feeling guilty and start to question myself!

If there are one sect of people like me, then there are other sects of people who live their life and spend money aimlessly, just without any care! Others are like misers, who would rather not spend anything at all and keep it safely locked in their vaults!

Everything needs a limit. Everyone needs to know their limits. Even when it comes to earning, spending or even saving money!

When we humans start to see more “Green” then we automatically elevate ourselves to the levels of Bill Gates or Barack Obama! As they say, “Money Blinds Us”! We look down upon people who don’t possess the quantity of dollars or pounds or euros or rupees compared to us! Arrogance nd Attitude set in and we disassociate ourselves from them and associate us with “royalty”. We start to demand respect, recognition,etc.. although we do indeed get it, eventually we start to crumble and this leads to more devastating results!

Once the cash flows out, we become so desperate to get money that we resort to innumerable means-by hook or by crook! The lure of money leads us to commit illegal crimes!

Corruption is an evil menace that has been plaguing the society for decades together! It’s no point we blame Tom,Dick or Harry for this to grow, it was ultimately us who allowed it to grow! With our patience levels dwindling by the day, we bribe people to get work done, only to forget that, the person was being paid for doing that work by someone else!

In terms of spending money, we spend on rather bizarre articles, that kinda puzzles me with the question as to whether does the individual actually finds it useful and can say that he’s spent his money’s worth in buying it! Wouldn’t it be more better and in fact more satisfying if you adorn the walls of your house with the paintings/drawings/sketches of underprivileged kids rather than some Picasso or Michelangelo or etc..

Even when we save money to a level that it may burst from our vault, we don’t realize that after our life, we don’t have “access” to all that we’ve earned! We just don’t get anything!

People just need to realize this, “count your blessings, not your bank balance”!

Blinded by Money-How much is too much? "Count your blessings, not your bank balance!"

Concluding, I would like to say, ask your self this one question when you either earn/save/spend an amount- “How much is too much?”

Until next time, Happy Blogging…

Some of my favorite quotes

“When people hurt you, think of them as sandpapers. They rub and scratch you painfully, eventually you end up smooth and polished, they end up worn out and useless…”

“The most determinative sentence which should always be followed in life- THE GAME IS NOT OVER,BECAUSE I HAVEN’T WON YET!”

“Uf you fall, don’t see the place where you fell, but see the place where you slipped- That’s the way to be a successful person!”

Would llike to hear your comments on them, until next time, Happy Blogging!!!

How much is too much?

Human beings in general have a set of desires /wishes/cravings,etc.. Ultimately we do try our level best to satisfy them, but not many of us realize that there are certain limits for everything!

As usual we, as an entire society or as an individual, step over these limits and create problems not only for us but for others around us.

I for one have decided to cover all widespread areas possible, and will describe based on my own experiences and findings, as to why we go after it and ultimately does it backfire or bear fruit? Lets find out… The series that starts from today, will we a weekly series covering various topics and issues but all of them have one thing in common “How much is too much?”

For today, let me discuss the universal aspect of one of the human qualities, and that in my opinion is GREED!

Yes, I personally believe it, that GREED is one quality of human beings that is actually “inborn” rather than being aroused by external stimuli! Although, the force and level of Greed is influenced by external stimuli, it basically stems from the human being in question, himself/herself!

The slightest aspects of Greed can actually be noted even during stage when the offspring is in fact present inside the mother’s foetus!  The Greed to see the world! Although mother’s are caring and carrying, they love the foetus nevermore than in this stage!

Once the child is born, the boy/girl is greedy for material aspects! School, playground,parks,etc.. are some areas that breed the quality of Greed as well as other positive qualities. The greed to outshine others or the greed to have something that the kid sitting behind you has, are all some instances that keep flowing through the mind!

As and when the individual grows, the greed changes from time to time based on material objects that play or define the individual’s life.

The quality of Greed can be prominently seen especially in cases where siblings are present! The greed for love and affection can be noticed as a competition between the siblings!

So as the individual grows, the greed for power, money, fame, success,etc.. all play havoc with the individuals grey matter! Yes, it is all common, even sometimes for me, to experience the sense of Greed.

And I must say that it can be an exhilarating experience sometimes! Because when greed sets in it can either convert into a positive force or a negative force. By positive I mean to say, Greed pushes you and your willpower to do more and achieve more!

By negative, Greed toys with your brain in accepting and eventually committing acts that lead to devastating circumstances in an individual’s life!

The thing that actually determines the level of greed that an individual possesses is the question in discussion:”How much is too much?”

Is it that literate people have less greed, yet they are the ones who commit most of the crimes; or is it that illiterate people are greedy by nature, maybe but as far as I am concerned they only have a greed for a better life!

So greed is equally balanced in all our lives, including mine, but it all depends on how we process and sift through our actions before committing them! We need to evaluate our decisions,thoughts and wishes before we actually indulge in them, lest we fall prey to the hands of Greed!

"Don't let Greed Outgrow you!"

By concluding, all I wish to say is that “Don’t let GREED Outgrow you!”

“How Much is too much?”

Hello readers, for today, I would like to bring to your notice about a sarcastic and satirical approach as to why you should not be or rather pity the life of a celebrity! Point to be noted is that the writer is a wannabe celebrity himself…

“Being a celebrity and/or a socialite is what half a million people around the world, dream of on a daily basis (Including me!!!). Fame, fortune, fans, etc… Come aplenty when you become a star either overnight or over some years. However, people do not realize or they tend to ignore the fact that being a celebrity or a socialite is one of the most pitiable and volatile professions that anyone can be in… So, I have decided to wake you all up from your glitzy dreams and bring you some insight over the top 10 reasons that I pity this profession and why you shouldn’t take it up, based on innumerable tabloids that I have gone through over my growing up years.

 NOTE: This is purely for entertainment!!!

(1)   Privacy Pressures:

The first and foremost thing that struck my mind as to why I pity celebs is that they lose their privacy.. A thing called private life does not or rather “should not” exist for them as according to the Paparazzi. So if you’re comfortable with having a wardrobe malfunction while walking the red carpet, go ahead- Strike A Pose!

(2)   Fashion Faux Pas:

Well this particular reason was on the lips of many people when I asked why you shouldn’t be a celebrity. Wearing out-of-trend clothes or last-season-gowns will surely provide news for the next issue of your favorite magazine where you can see yourself in the “Worst Dressed Celebs” List!

(3)   Forget your Favorites:

As a celeb, you do not or again rather should not have any favorites, especially in terms of clothes, or food, or etc. If you repeat an outfit because it’s your favorite one, you’re dead! And if you need to flaunt your toned body all the time, forget digging into the greasy stuff and start counting your calories.

(4)   Intelligence Issues:

One thing I noticed for quite some time is that even if you’re smart, once you become a celeb, you definitely have to lose it! I guess intelligence plus being a celebrity does not go hand-in-hand. So start acting dumb even if you’re not one of them!

(5)   Don’t be Diplomatic:

Never ever give a diplomatic answer to any questions posed to you as a celeb. If you like it or hate it, admit it blatantly, irrespective of the aftermath that you may endure which may include court battles and rehab sessions amongst others…

(6)   Go on a spending spree-always!:

Well, you have the cash and the cards, so go ahead and spend it all, is the sole mantra that you need to follow when you are a celeb. You could buy anything and everything, be it a 2 million dollar mansion for your pet dog or a device that lets you maintain that hour-glass figure or six-pack abs for life. Never save the dough!!!!

(7)   Mechanized Marriages:

Even if you win the Oscar Award, people are still going to talk about the horrible break-up with your ex. Extramarital affairs, one night stands and other “steamy gossip” becomes a part of a celebs life. So you definitely can’t trust your spouse wholeheartedly. As they say “Marriages are made in Heaven”, but in the life of a celebrity “Marriages are staged to be broken!!!”

(8)   Doctor Diaries:

Have a really good relationship with your doctor. As a famous Indian celeb once said, “The doctor gives what God doesn’t!”. Because you might need to meet him/her on a regular basis. Liposuction, “Asset Enhancement”, “Emergency Pregnancy”, etc are bound to happen quite often in the life of a celebrity, so if you maintain a friendly relation with your doctor and maybe provide them with some publicity about his/her “excellent job well done”, you might even have a discount offered to you the next time you visit them.

(9)   Legal Liaisons:

Just as doctors, you always need to have friendly relationships with your legal experts as well. Drunken Driving, Messy divorces are just the tip of the iceberg. You definitely will need their helping hand at all times. Give them the publicity and I am sure you get more compensation from your ex in a divorce or an immediate bail in other cases.

(10) Always be in the Public Eye:

Self proclaim all the happenings in you daily life.   Shout it out from your roof-top. Add drama to real life. Give controversial statements. Demand for the Moon, even if you don’t get it! Be public about everything! Lest you want people to forget that you are a celebrity.

There are many other reasons that you can think off. Yet, these; I guess; are most probably the top most ones that you may agree upon. I guess if you do follow all the abovementioned steps, I am sure you can become a self-proclaimed celebrity in no time! Even if you don’t get an Oscar, no worries; you sure will be the darling of the media-personnel for life.

 This list is purely fictitious and mainly for your entertainment. If you felt that you had been entertained, please click on the virtual gift option. If you didn’t feel entertained, nevertheless click it anyways. Keep smiling!!! “

I had written this as part of a contest, so please do support me by sharing this on your social networks and sending me virtual gifts in order to win. Thanks!

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