Call me crazy, but am a stickler for time! I always want to be on time for any event that requires my attendance. I try to be there at least 15 minutes before the event has to start.

“Small improvements in the way you use your time can translate into major differences in your life!”

I swear by the above quote, because I personally have felt the effect and repercussions of the above-mentioned quote.

Some People just don’t realize the value or importance of time – as an entity and as a philosophy!

Time has taught me a lot of things and am sure you might also agree with my list. Time has taught me on the “true” behavior and character of people; time has taught me to be patient for things that you crave for; it has also taught me to analyse my decisions; it has taught me to speak and communicate “effectively” and “in a neutral manner”.

However, I do have to add that there are some aspects that I don’t agree, I don’t agree to the fact that “time is a good healer”; maybe that’s my nature! Once bitten, I always tend to ignore and avoid that person completely, how much ever they apologize. For any clarifications, you can ask my “ex-friend” who I haven’t spoken to in more than 2 years as of now!!!

As I write this post, I am remembered of an interview of Author Salman Rushdie, which I saw on television yesterday. It was a real delight to watch his comments and I appreciate his open-mindedness and outspoken nature.

He went to say that “the past can cripple the present” and that “past should remain in the past, and should ne forgotten”

“The past tends to disrupt the ideas of the modern and ever-changing world” which I totally agree upon. As the world, becomes a much smaller place with a huge influx of positivity and creativity, we should have a look and give a thought about some bizarre rules set centuries ago, that do not hold any relevance in this time. 

People in general should make an effort to try to change their outlook. Considering both sides and multiple ways before taking a decision should be a time-tested practise that should be followed. Placing yourself in the other person’s shoes before saying something harsh will help in quelling any negativity, in my opinion.

At the end, time will speak for itself and “a stitch in time, saves nine!”