I would like to share with you two websites that I happened to find on the net, that I felt might be useful for all of us in general.


Managers looking for a more convenient way to look after their employees are sure to find this site worth their time. Enigmai is an application that works on the browser, and which can be used for free.

Some of the tasks that it can perform include managing both time and attendance for all the people that are on a company’s roster, and also manage the way they actually work in a bid to take productivity higher.

Also, the fact that all the schedules become available online just simplifies everything to no end both to employers and employees. The latter can confirm their availability at a mere click, and to all intents and purposes choose when they are working and when they are going to take a leave.

For its part, managers have access to detailed reports that showcase who has worked and when, in a way that is easy to be understood and printer-friendly. Tracking who is working harder has never been this instant.


Bender Converter is a new Internet tool that can be used to download any video you find online, and have it converted into the format that best suits your requirements. Need to turn a presentation into a file that can be reproduced on your mobile so that you can study it more thoroughly, and make the best of the time you are commuting? Need to convert a YouTube video into a format that could be reproduced using an archaic computer? Well, Bender Converter is sure to help you out in both cases.
All the main video sites of the day are actively supported. These include not only websites such as YouTube, Daily Motion, Mega Video, Vimeo and Google Video but also a site like TwitVid.

Using  Bender Converter is as simple as specifying the link where the clip to be converted is found, choosing an output format from the several ones that are available, and then saving the resulting file on your computer.

Hope these two sites are useful..  Until next time.. Happy Blogging!!!