I completely felt that I should share this link with all of you guys reading my blog, just to highlight some of the utterly weird decision taken by some people in power!

Apparently, the United Nations has now appointed a special ambassador for “Extra-Terrestrial Affairs”!

The person in discussion Ms.Mazlan Othman,  will handle tasks related to security and  “friendly” relations with aliens “if they were to arrive on earth”. Scientists have discovered many other planets in various other solar systems apart from ours, that may even support life forms there.

 What else can the UN think off! I mean we have so many other problems that are plaguing the earth. Although, the job position does kind of sound “INNOVATIVE”, it does not provide any rooms for idiocy and stupidity of the human brain.

In other news, scientists have apparently predicted a massive solar storm to occur in the year 2013, that could potentially cause huge damages to all forms of communication and could “paralyse earth”

If this were to be true, I am sure I am already working out my plans to finish off everything that I always wanted to do. But nevertheless, I am sure there may be more to this than what we may have seen or heard about.

I personally that we have so many other things to worry about than Alien Attacks and Solar Storms. Poverty, Literacy, Peace, Hunger, Extinction of Species, Deforestation are just some of the issues on the tip of the iceberg, that we have on our backs.

Hey, and if you still believe that these things are going to occur, please do tell me the top 3 things that you’ve always wanted to do before these situations take place. Leave them in the comments..