According to the above link from the CNN website, it seems that the world leaders are converging in New York on Monday, to dicuss and sign treaties to eliminate “Poverty”

This made me wonder, as to whether, by signing treaties or discussing issues, is poverty going to end? I do agree to the fact that, if you brainstorm with other like-minded people, you do get fresh and innovative ideas that may/may not be implemented. However, on the other hand, poverty;in my opinion; is a universal and common phenomenon. It is a whole entity that covers the entire world. People below the poverty line are in no way different interms of nationalities or gender race or etc.. The one common quality that usurps all these people is the-will to survive amdist innumerable struggle.

As we all dig into our yummy desserts like Pastries or anything else, there are millions of people who are dying to get a bowl of porridge to survive and end their hunger. Hunger is not the only thing, that plauges these people. Yes, I do feel that they are not able to get any sort of employment so that they may rid themselves of their sorry state.

People below the poverty line do not actually need our sympathy in anyways. They just want a normal life. A basic job, food, water, and a small shelter to lead their lives. Yet most of them are deprived of either one or all of the aforementioned necessities.


” Give a man a fish, he will eat for a day; But, teach a man how to fish, he will eat for his entire lifetime!”

The above quote, is how I personally feel is a basic way to eliminate poverty from this world. “EDUCATION” is the only way to alleviate the people and ease their suffering a bit. We as educated people, should take some time of to help these people in an educational and literary way.

Imparting new skills, identifying their talents and developing them, by teaching the necessay techniques, etc.. are just some of the ways that we can adopt to help people. They too, are after all human and they need the society’s support more than that of the Government.

We are the society- that can help them in even the tiniest way possible. I, for one, would want to be a professor or mentor to some people, who I can share whatever I know, with them. Proper guidance and motivation will surely make the world a much better place to live.

Concluding, I would just appeal to those-who-ever are reading my blog, think about it and you too, can be a contributor. Start a program where you invite kids to your home, and teach them whatever you know. I am sure their little hearts and smiles will melt away your negative qualities and fill, ot only you, but the whole world with the light of literacy…