As always on Wednesday, get set for some creativity combined with literature.. If you had read my post last week about a small quiz, then here goes the answers…

The crown logo is the logo for the company Hallmark.

The Archie’s’ comics are one of my favorites as a teen, although I don’t read them now (due to lack of time!). The answers are Archie Andrews, Veronica Lodge, Betty Cooper, Jughead Jones, Reggie Mantle, Hot dog(Ya, you guessed it right, the name of the dog in the pic). I know none have left any answers because I don’t get that much traffic on my blog.. but I am sure with my constant effort to entertain you will increase the viewers and subscriptions…

For today, I am actually reading a book by Ayn Rand “The Fountainhead”. Although, I am a very slow at reading books as compared to writing anything of my own, I seriously am beginning to like the book. Have just finished only around 30 pages of the total 600 and odd in this book, but still I have already begun to like the book.

I like the fact that Ayn Rand’s writing is truly in-your-face and very straightforward (That’s my perception!) and I like the way the author has put forth the idea of what exactly the book is about in the first few pages (Like that fact as well, because I can be impatient!!!). The author questions the age-old “beliefs” and “norms” of the society when compared to someone who just cannot adjust and tries to reform. Then that person is “often viewed” as an outcast or someone from outer space!

It also makes me think, are the norms set by society as such adaptable and meaningful in the modern context? I mean laws set decades ago truly cannot be worthwhile in the present day, right?! 

An individual looses his/her persona or individuality when he/she becomes one amongst the crowd. You can only search for a needle in a haystack , and not just another strand of hay in a heap!

This also makes me want to share with you a quote that I like:

“Do not be so much bothered to IMPRESS others, because then you won’t have time to truly EXPRESS yourself!!!”

SO people who are reading this blog, just think and examine yourselves, you may be having a talent/skill that might set you apart from others. Even when you write in your resume while applying for a job, take time and pay utmost attention while writing your hobbies and interests.. Make sure the employer is impressed on the first go and questions you about your hobbies and interests..

So while your doing that, enjoy this cartoon strip of Garfield (He is one of my fave!)

 Until next time, Happy blogging..