As discussed before, I thought I can talk or rather “write” about startups or companies around the world that I have read, learnt or heard about somewhere. So for today I have this website called YTTM. It actually stands for YouTube Travels Through Time(Or some thing like that!)

YTTM will give you the chance to watch YouTube videos based on the actual date that they were shot. That is, the actual date in which the video was uploaded makes no difference. If the video was created in 1979 and uploaded to YouTube just last month, YTTM will correctly label it as a video made in 1979, and it will let you visualize it accordingly.

Launching a search on YTTM is as simple as picking a year from the big timeline that is displayed on the main page and then choosing what you feel like watching by clicking on the relevant category from the seven which are provided. These are “Video Games”, “Television”, “Commercials”, “Current Events”, “Sports”, “Movies” and “Music”.

Here is the link:

SO if you want to travel back in time and put a smile on your granny’s or grandpa’s or parents’  face with commercials or videos from their time, I am sure you will like the site.. Until next week with another company…