As on every thursday, I will blog about a certain topic today that has been on my mind for quite some time that I can think of-  That is TRUST! 


A toddler smiles when his father throws him in the air, only to trust that his father will catch him when he drops back! 

All said-well and good, but think about otherwise. The feelings that you experience when someone betrays the trust that you have in them… 

I personally believe that Trust is like a broken mirror, which when once broken cannot be pasted back together. 

Based on so many bitter experience that I hae had people in the past, I truly cannot understand the concept of “Trust”. You wouldn’t want those people whom you share a special bond with,to betray you, right??? Although people say Forgive and Forget, I just cannot accept the fact that ultimately, the people who betrayed your trust finally end up using you and just treat you like trash. The classic example of anyone breaking your trust that comes to my mind of Julius Ceasar and Brutus.  As far as my mind can remember, Caesar trusted Brutus completely only to be finally murdered at the hands of his best friend. I don’t know if its true, but the maximum cases of broken trust can definitely found in friendships and marriages apart from other forms of relationships, which may also include family as well. The ultimate lesson that I learnt from my several experiences is that Never Trust anyone, unless and otherwise you know that person through and through!  It doesn’t mean that I don’t trust anyone, it’s just that it takes a lot of time for me to get to trust anyone nowadays and always..  

One good person that you can trust with everything is none other than YOU, YOU AND YOU ALONE!!! 

So I conclude by quoting another message that I received from one of my friends a long time back but still fresh in my memory which goes, “In a friendship, when a crisis arises, you either earn a good friend or learn a good lesson!”