ON wednesdays, I plan to blog about lietrary, artsy and creatively enriching things that I enjoy, that maybe funny,wise,thoughtful,cheeky,etc.. I plan to discuss and share any quotes, poems, stories, cartoons, paintings, photos, etc.. and my thoughts about all of them..

One of my favorite quotes goes like this:

” Marriage is like going to a restaurant, selecting your own choice from the menu and then looking at the neighboring table thinking “Man, I should have ordered that! ;)”

I love to read cartoon strips as well Here is one of my faves:

I also like to take quizzes so lets play a short one.. Can u identify the following:(Leave ur answers in comments!)

I want their full names...


  The answers will be given next week, if you ever need them. I guess u should get both ansers by now.

Until then see you in another post. Happy blogging! Ciao…