Ok on tuesdays, I will try an discuss something important either in the field of business or in general as usual.. If you had read about my posts last week compalining about Monday Blues.. So I decided that maybe I can share with you some tips or should I say “Tid-bits” to help beat your monday blues..

(1) Enjoy a stress free Sunday with friends and family!

(2) Complete household tasks on Saturday, so you can unwind on Sunday.

(3) Maintain your wake-up time during the weekend too.

(4) Organize your wokbag and organizer on Sunday itself.

(5) Leave early for work on Monday(so that you don’t have to curse the traffic!), beat the traffic and listen to good music while driving.

(6) Choose work that you enjoy on Monday morning.

(7) Don’t schedule any update or review meetings early in the week.

 Apart from the above-mentioned points you can share and add any other points to your liking as well. So go ahead smile and Beat the Blues!