Well, I missed the deadline yet again by a day or so, nevertheless I am going to make it up. On Fridays I usually discuss about videos that I find on the net interesting. Discussions about advertisements, movies, clips, songs, etc.. that I like will be the focus on Fridays.. Aptly named Friday First Show, since most of the big releases come out on a friday. And the tactic is quite neat, as far as I know, people who are working the full week will have the time on weekends to visit movies which thereby increases the box-office earnings on the opening weekend. Thus it creates or paves the way for the following week. If th movie grosses a certain amount on the opening weekend, it runs for another week and the process goes on till the audience fizzles out. So for this Friday(Actually Saturday!) I have an Indian advertisement for Lux Bathing Bar that features the Gorgeous Katrina Kaif, an Indian actress. The thing that captures me the most is the music, very Indianized and neatly performed.

Another trailer that I am waiting to watch is Woody Allen’s “You will meet a Tall Dark Stranger” that also stars Slumdog Millionaire Fame, Freido Pinto. Not much of a her fan, but still want to see how she has done in her first international film post Slumdog. Here is the trailer for you..

Another video hat I really like is a weird, completely weird goal celebration of an Icelandic Based Football team. Enjoy!

Hope you guys enjoyed my selection of videos. Will get back after some time with another interesting post… Until then Ciao..