Ok, I know I had written that I would post on a specific theme based on the day of the week.. However, I couldn’t post anything for Tuesday or Wednesday because I was busy.. So on Thursday, I have decided to write about what I truly feel about various topics..

I recently got a message from my friend which read like this

” Do you see that your parents spend the initial days of your childhood, to make you stand up and speak; but now, in your teens, they want you to sit and listen!”

I realized how true the message was.. Your Parents are the people who brought you into this world. Mom and Dad are practically the first people you see when your born and also might be the first words you spoke. But, as we grow old, we tend to think of ourselves as adults and want our independence. And when this independence is being criticized constantly by your parents, we tend to rebel back. But let me ask this, how many of us agree that when we are down in the dumps, we automatically go to our parents for love and support.. I am sure the percentage must be 100 percent.

I personally feel that there is definitely a big cultural difference about parents, parenting and the relationships of parenting amongst various regions of the world. Although you can say that a common influence is being felt right now across all places, nevertheless there is still a difference. I feel that the concept of Mothers/Fathers Day is too constrictive in nature, I mean you can love your parents everyday and every minute, you definitely don’t need any “special day” to show some extra care and affection to them. They don’t want it either! Parents may be demanding, questioning, criticizing, etc.. You may argue, fight with them, but in the end they do all this so that, you lead a good life!

All they want is to see you happy! I truly believe that parents are the best gift that mankind can get. They are there to provide a hug when you really need one, a pat on the back, a cheer, a smile, a tear, a shoulder to cry on, guidance, confidence, support, and most important love and affection 🙂

For me my parents mean the world and vice versa.. So don’t neglect or mistake your parents if they start to “correct” you or demand/command you, for after all they love you with all their pure heart! Talk to them, spend time with them as much as possible because I always learnt that “Your children will treat you the same way as you treat your parents!”

Love your Parents!

So after reading this post please go and give a hug to your parents.. I am sure it will do loads of good for the both of you..

Apart from this today, here in India, we are celebrating Janmashtami (As Called in Northern India) and Krishna Jayanthi(as called in Southern India). To know more about this festival, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Krishna_Janmashtami

Until then see you later.. Ciao.. 

PS: I will try to post some traditional indian recipes (ask from mom, of course!) which maybe you can try it at home..

 Am No guarantee for a Dexter’s Laboratory to happen in your kitchen once you try it.. LOL ;p