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Time Tested

Call me crazy, but am a stickler for time! I always want to be on time for any event that requires my attendance. I try to be there at least 15 minutes before the event has to start.

“Small improvements in the way you use your time can translate into major differences in your life!”

I swear by the above quote, because I personally have felt the effect and repercussions of the above-mentioned quote.

Some People just don’t realize the value or importance of time – as an entity and as a philosophy!

Time has taught me a lot of things and am sure you might also agree with my list. Time has taught me on the “true” behavior and character of people; time has taught me to be patient for things that you crave for; it has also taught me to analyse my decisions; it has taught me to speak and communicate “effectively” and “in a neutral manner”.

However, I do have to add that there are some aspects that I don’t agree, I don’t agree to the fact that “time is a good healer”; maybe that’s my nature! Once bitten, I always tend to ignore and avoid that person completely, how much ever they apologize. For any clarifications, you can ask my “ex-friend” who I haven’t spoken to in more than 2 years as of now!!!

As I write this post, I am remembered of an interview of Author Salman Rushdie, which I saw on television yesterday. It was a real delight to watch his comments and I appreciate his open-mindedness and outspoken nature.

He went to say that “the past can cripple the present” and that “past should remain in the past, and should ne forgotten”

“The past tends to disrupt the ideas of the modern and ever-changing world” which I totally agree upon. As the world, becomes a much smaller place with a huge influx of positivity and creativity, we should have a look and give a thought about some bizarre rules set centuries ago, that do not hold any relevance in this time. 

People in general should make an effort to try to change their outlook. Considering both sides and multiple ways before taking a decision should be a time-tested practise that should be followed. Placing yourself in the other person’s shoes before saying something harsh will help in quelling any negativity, in my opinion.

At the end, time will speak for itself and “a stitch in time, saves nine!”


“Rats” & Resumes!!!

Hello People, I know I have already posted something today, but I had to share with you some news and resources that I felt important and completely “nauseating”!!!

Don’t worry the resource that am sharing is by far the most useful guide that I have seen for preparing a guide, especially for students. I work for a company called Twenty19. A youth portal that gives information about internships, opportunities and training courses. We have formulated a guide so if you want to download it for FREE, you can click on the following link:

Please do give your feedback in comments. Another news story that I truly found nauseating was this:

Started feeling woozy after reading this!!!

I would like to share with you two websites that I happened to find on the net, that I felt might be useful for all of us in general.

Managers looking for a more convenient way to look after their employees are sure to find this site worth their time. Enigmai is an application that works on the browser, and which can be used for free.

Some of the tasks that it can perform include managing both time and attendance for all the people that are on a company’s roster, and also manage the way they actually work in a bid to take productivity higher.

Also, the fact that all the schedules become available online just simplifies everything to no end both to employers and employees. The latter can confirm their availability at a mere click, and to all intents and purposes choose when they are working and when they are going to take a leave.

For its part, managers have access to detailed reports that showcase who has worked and when, in a way that is easy to be understood and printer-friendly. Tracking who is working harder has never been this instant.

Bender Converter is a new Internet tool that can be used to download any video you find online, and have it converted into the format that best suits your requirements. Need to turn a presentation into a file that can be reproduced on your mobile so that you can study it more thoroughly, and make the best of the time you are commuting? Need to convert a YouTube video into a format that could be reproduced using an archaic computer? Well, Bender Converter is sure to help you out in both cases.
All the main video sites of the day are actively supported. These include not only websites such as YouTube, Daily Motion, Mega Video, Vimeo and Google Video but also a site like TwitVid.

Using  Bender Converter is as simple as specifying the link where the clip to be converted is found, choosing an output format from the several ones that are available, and then saving the resulting file on your computer.

Hope these two sites are useful..  Until next time.. Happy Blogging!!!

Alien Affairs & Solar Storms

I completely felt that I should share this link with all of you guys reading my blog, just to highlight some of the utterly weird decision taken by some people in power!

Apparently, the United Nations has now appointed a special ambassador for “Extra-Terrestrial Affairs”!

The person in discussion Ms.Mazlan Othman,  will handle tasks related to security and  “friendly” relations with aliens “if they were to arrive on earth”. Scientists have discovered many other planets in various other solar systems apart from ours, that may even support life forms there.

 What else can the UN think off! I mean we have so many other problems that are plaguing the earth. Although, the job position does kind of sound “INNOVATIVE”, it does not provide any rooms for idiocy and stupidity of the human brain.

In other news, scientists have apparently predicted a massive solar storm to occur in the year 2013, that could potentially cause huge damages to all forms of communication and could “paralyse earth”

If this were to be true, I am sure I am already working out my plans to finish off everything that I always wanted to do. But nevertheless, I am sure there may be more to this than what we may have seen or heard about.

I personally that we have so many other things to worry about than Alien Attacks and Solar Storms. Poverty, Literacy, Peace, Hunger, Extinction of Species, Deforestation are just some of the issues on the tip of the iceberg, that we have on our backs.

Hey, and if you still believe that these things are going to occur, please do tell me the top 3 things that you’ve always wanted to do before these situations take place. Leave them in the comments..

Few Laughs & Few Tears…

As always on Friday, I will be discussing about some of the movies that I recently watched, mostly over the course of the week sitting on a couch as opposed to an air-conditioned movie theater.

I happened to watch an ecclectic mix of movies the past week. First a comedy, “Night at The Museum 2:Battle of the Smithsonian”. Being the history enthusiast that I am, I did enjoy the movie. Truly comical and enjoyable at the same time. I did watch the 1st part of the movie, so was able to get the story from where it continues, I would recommend you all to first watch the first part and then the second, otherwise it would be like attending a history lecture that you ultimately understand. I like the way that the techinicians and script writer were able to lift and create a story about creatures coming to life after dark in a museum..? I mean, only Hollywood can do that.Ben Stiller and Amy Adams(Yes, if you notice the last post as well, I would have discussed about another film that starred her, I eman she is good!) have both done really well. They have been promptly supported by other cahracters played by Owen Wilson(Simply loved his Marley & Me!) and Robin Williams(Always remeber his Mrs.Doubtfire! He was brilliant in that!). I would highly recommend the movie if you want to have a few laughs over the weekend.


Another emotional drama that I truly enjoyed was, “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”. An amazing movie that truly deserved its right to win an Oscar. Brad Pitt, plays Benjamin Button, who in an innovative and never-heard of concept, ages backwards. Born grey, he finally ceases to exist at the end of his life. Pitt was amazing in this role and fit perfectly into the role, in terms of looks and mannerisms. Cate Blanchett as his love interest, was equally impressive. The film traces his journey, love, drama, situations and other first experiences that are completely “improportional” to him as compared to his age and looks. Taraji P Henson, as Pitt’s mother, deserves a mention here. Really fabulous movie. Please do watch it!!!


Another movie, a rom-com, in my opinion would be “The Proposal”. Sandra Bullock(Am A big fan of her!) plays a Canadian Immigrant, who is also an arrogant and “devilish” boss, cheif editor to be exact of a reputed book publishing company. Her visa about to expire and constant reminders from the Immigration Department puts her at a risk of deportation anytime.However, she gets the idea that if she marries an American, she can stay on . So she strikes a deal with her Personal Asst. played by Ryan Reynolds, to act as if they were going to get married. Comic turning, when his family really beleives the both and plan for their wedding. The resulting twist and turns with the right amount of comedy and peppered with a pinch of drama and emotions made the film enjoyable.


Hope you like my selection of movies for this week. Please do watch them and give your feedback. Happy Blogging…

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