Hello everone, who is reading this or yte still to find my blog, I am Addy (of course its my pen name!!!), and I have taken my first step into the world of blogging. With some encouragemnet and guidance from my friends and parents(Yes, you read that right!), I am strating this blog which generally talks about everything that I feel, like, hate, etc.. As the tagline says its a space for my Grumblings & Mumblings.. I will be posting constantly and so please visit whenever you can.. My later aim in life is to “eventually” become a writer and so I guess this blog should also help.. I thank WordPress (REally Kool) for starting my blog.. BEsides this I would have started posting by the time you read this.. I also write news articles at http://rowlands.maars.net/  Please do have a look. I also work at www.twenty19.com. You might like it if you are a student, especially.. Nevertheless Please visit the site.. Thanks..