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Mundane Mondays

OK, I know most of the people who are going to read the title might definitely get put off.. Completely!!! But, Am sure almost more than half the population of this world dread Mondays.. “Monday Blues” as they say.. You can see lazy office-goers and students with “Do I have to go to school/office, today?” looks on their faces.. Even I’ve tried this with my mum, but all I got was a kick in my rear “Ouch”. By I read somewhere that Wednesdays are the most productive amongst all the others in the entire week, but I feel that it’s all in your mind.. Ok, as In my previous post, I would have mentioned that I was going to have “planned posts”, so here goes.. Today is Monday which are going to be known as Mundane Mondays.. Lazy people who want to get some “serious news in the shortest time possible” can benefit, as I will try to cover some news stories that are making headlines around the world..

The recent story is that of the “Match-Fixing scandal” that has rocked the World of Cricket.. Although I have been a bigger fan of Tennis than Cricket, The gentleman’s game has now come under the ire of the world after there has been a secret expose by a British tabloid about the match-fixing scandal which involves almost the entire Pakistan cricket team, who have reportedly paid close to GBP 150,000.(WOw!) to deliberately lose the recent test match played against England. Although the Pakistan team captain, vehemently denies these charges, I guess he should have a look at all the videos being circulated on news channels across the world.. On a personal level, I truly feel that these players are young, immature and have been driven to taking such measures due to their lives in Pakistan.. We might not know what kind of lives they might have led before entering the International Circuit. So the sudden influx of hard cash, fame,etc, kind of leaves the players to not exactly know what to do, so they begin to move in the wrong direction, resulting in such embarrassing situations later on..

In other news, Barrack Obama, who I personally feels get more media coverage for his vacations rather than for his political measures or steps, has criticized the 18% of Americans who; in a recent poll; identify/ recognize him as a Muslim, says that he can’t go around with a label or birth certificate stuck to his head. Ouch, that should definitely affect his already plunging popularity.. Yet, the damage done in the previous terms by the former President in terms of the economy can’t be redone in one single term is what all the experts have to say.. I too agree with them on that fact. But, I have to say that he is dong his bit, but I guess he needs a better PR department, Mr. Obama, I am free whenever you want me to head your PR dept. but only on a freelance basis though 😉

So people, I basically am trying to say that you need to have a steady frame of mind and  watch what you say with the above two good examples.. Ciao..

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Planned Posts

I am basically an organized person and would want things to happen my way, even my life.. But, life is beyond anyones means, yet again I guess I can control my blog, at least to an extent. I do have a specific plan to try to make my blog interesting to all the readers by posting about specific topics depending on the days of the week. So please do come back and give your support, I will try my level best to post as many times as possible in a week depending on m work load… Ciao..

Jimena Navarrete

 These two women represent the symbols of beauty, as a quality to me.. Both of them are beautiful in their own respects.. On August 23rd, 2010, at Las Vegas, USA, Miss Mexico, Jimena Navarrete, was crowned the new Miss Universe 2010. Beauty paegents look for the physical aspects of beauty of a women apart from “intelligence”. Although, I do have to say that it has been alleged by many people that these contests have been “biased” towards some countries.

It has been seen that only certain countries make the cut, irrespective of some blatantly foolish answers. Yet, no one(Not even me 😉 ) Can deny that they are beautiful.

Yet the true sense of beauty lies in the heart irrespective of looks or fame, and a really good example, would be none other than Mother Teresa. A symbol of hope and love to many-especially the destitute, her birth centenary was recently celebrated last week. Being a foreigner, and giving her entire lifetime to charity in India, She truly according to me is truly “A Beauty of Benevolence”.. Although I may be too young to comment on her, she is to me a role model. Her canonization is still in discussion by The Catholic Church, however to all souls in India, she is a Saint to the World..

May her blessed soul rest in peace..!!!

Hello everone, who is reading this or yte still to find my blog, I am Addy (of course its my pen name!!!), and I have taken my first step into the world of blogging. With some encouragemnet and guidance from my friends and parents(Yes, you read that right!), I am strating this blog which generally talks about everything that I feel, like, hate, etc.. As the tagline says its a space for my Grumblings & Mumblings.. I will be posting constantly and so please visit whenever you can.. My later aim in life is to “eventually” become a writer and so I guess this blog should also help.. I thank WordPress (REally Kool) for starting my blog.. BEsides this I would have started posting by the time you read this.. I also write news articles at  Please do have a look. I also work at You might like it if you are a student, especially.. Nevertheless Please visit the site.. Thanks..

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